Hashim Hussain is an Indian film actor. He does movies for Malayalam cinema. Hashim works as a supporting actor. She appeared in many popular Malayalam films such as Camel Safari and School Diary. School Diary was a drama and thriller Malayalam film released in the year 2018 on 26th September. It got produced by Anwar Sadath while the story revolved around the life of five class 12 students.

In the film, he worked as a supporting artist. School Diary was Hashim’s last movie to hit the theatre screens. Whereas, Camel Safari released in the year 2013 was a Malayalam romantic film whose story has Rajasthani flavor in it. The movie got directed by Jayaraj and produced by Mr. Rejimon Kappaparambil. Main characters of the film featured, Arun Shankar, Pankaja Menon, Sekhar Menon, Adarsh, and Kamal Gaur. Hashim was the supporting artist in the movie.