Assim Jamal is an Indian film actor, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like Kurukshetra, Ividam Swargamanu, Cowboy, Cassanova, etc. Mostly known for his predominant involvement in Mollywood movies, Malayali TV shows, stage dramas, and short films, he has often been praised for his on-screen spontaneity, sense of humor, and confidence. Based in South India, Assim made his first notable contribution on the silver screen as an actor in 2008 with the Malayali war film Kurukshetra, directed by Major Ravi Major Ravi is the penned name for Major A.K. Ravic >> Read More... Major Ravi , starring Mohanlal, Meheck Bhatiya, and Pradeep Chandran Pradeep Chandran is an actor in Malayalam film ind >> Read More... Pradeep Chandran in lead roles. Since then, Assim has improved a lot as an actor and featured in more than thirty major film projects.