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Shanu Suresh is a very famous personality especially in the southern region of India. She can be famously known for her roles as an anchor. She has won so many hearts in the south Indian region for her wonderful skills at presenting ordinary news in a fairly extraordinary way. Shanu is commendable in balancing her priorities in life where she gave her full efforts in the glamor industry but never sidelined her academic qualifications. She made her presence in this industry for the first time as a model. She was just 13 years and considered it to be a very casual project for her. However, it was a little later that she realized that her career in the glamor industry is nothing casual and has started shaping in a wonderful way. Shanu started her career in anchoring in the year 2003 with a dance reality show which was aired on the Asianet Plus Channel. This show was named Janak Janak. Shanu is also known for her tremendous skills in the field of modeling. It started with her winning the Miss South India pageant in the year 2005. This marked her wonderful career in the arena of modeling too.

She never believed in compromising her studies for her career in the glamor industry. This is why she used to shunt between Bengaluru and Kerala to complete her shoot and also balance out her education. As she went ahead with her wonderful presence on TV, she also completed her M.Sc. Degree in the field of Industrial Psychology. She is currently known for anchoring the Page 3 show in the channel Kappa TV. Initially, she had been hired to host segments that related to things like fashion and makeup. It was on popular demand that she was also given the duty to present news that related to the film and glamor industry too. She is famously appreciated for her unique way of presenting news to the audience. Shanu doesn’t believe in compromising on her morals and principles in order to make it big in the industry. She focusses on working hard and is has ardent faith on the quality of work and talent that she has.


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