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Bhogendra Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Bhogendra is an Indian producer who is one of Sandalwood’s most prominent figures. His name is associated with some of the most acclaimed movies in Kannada cinema. Bhogendra works in close collaboration with yet another renowned producer, Jayanna N. This duo has played a significant role in contributing to the growth of cinema in Karnataka. Known in media circles as ‘Team Jayanna-Bhogendra’, they started the production house ‘Jayanna Combines’ in 1995,

which is now a major production house. Bhogendra first met Jayanna as a small-time owner of the ‘Maruti Tent Cinema’ in Bangalore. At the time, Jayanna was an engineering dropout who distributed second-hand re-runs of Hindi movies to get by. Their shared business interests and their drive to make a name for brought them together in a Kannada movie-distribution enterprise.

These humble beginnings were marked by a series of financial losses and tough competition with the big guns in the entertainment field. They pushed through, and soon enough, they started getting their first success stories from the films, ‘ Chandra Chakori Chandra Chakori is a Kannada serial which has a mo >> Read More... Chandra Chakori ’ and ‘Dasa.’ They continued to run many more popular movies, most of which had the superstar, Darshan, playing the lead.

They talk about how they hosted charity events for the blind and handicapped on the day of the release to secure good favor and well wishes. Some of their more notable distributions were the Silver Jubilee hits, ‘JotheJotheyali,’ ‘Mungaru Male’ and ‘ Duniya Click to look into! >> Read More... Duniya .’ At the suggestion of Darshan’s wife at an earlier shoot, they decided to enter the realm of movie production, and the year 2008 saw their first-ever independent release with Darshan’sthriller, ‘ Arjun Click to look into! >> Read More... Arjun .’

This was the beginning of a series of film productions in Sandalwood, almost all of which were popular hits. They are associated with cult classics such as, ‘Googly (2013),’ ‘Gajakesari (2014),’ ‘Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari (2014)’ and ‘Rustum (2019).’ Bhogendra has big dreams for the Sandalwood industry and plans to work on showcasing these movies in theatres all over the country.

His name at birth, ‘Bhagyavendra,’ was misrecorded in his school transcripts and, thus, he was lent the new title that is a hallmark of Kannada cinema. Many of his ventures were financial potholes even though they raked up high viewership. He claims his success comes from his intimate knowledge of the working of the industry and the mutual trust he places in all the artists who work with him. The team worked for over two decades in the distribution field before they could venture into independent production. Now, they share a predominant spot in the cinema hall of fame.