Bablusha is the Kannada movie which released on 2 September 2016 You will find Harsh Arjun Mrudhula Basker and Mani Shetty in the lead role Shantala Bhandi

Bablusha Movie Review

Bablusha Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Bablusha"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 02-09-2016
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • CV Shivashankar
  • Music Director:
  • Sunny Madhavan
  • Editor:
  • Akshay P Rao
  • Director:
  • Venkat Bharadwaj
  • Director of Photography:
  • Vishwajith B Rao
  • _Supporting Actors:
  • Shanta Kumari
  • Shantala Bhandi
  • Shobaraj S
  • Sriharsha Neergundha
  • Raj Kamal
  • Lawrence Pritam
  • Harsh Arjun
  • Baby Shamaa
  • Avinash Yelandur
  • Mrudhula Basker
  • Mani Shetty
  • Srikanth Heblikar

Bablusha is the Kannada movie, which released on 2 September 2016. You will find Harsh Arjun, Mrudhula Basker, and Mani Shetty in the lead role. Shantala Bhandi, Shobraj, Raj Kamal, Parmesh, and Avinash are playing the supporting role. Venkat Bharadwaj is the director of the film.

Plot Bablusha is the historical drama film. This movie will give you the panorama of the ancient time. The story is the part of Mallinthapura. We all know the glory of Indian culture which has fascinated many peoples in India. Although, it has some gloom incidents as well in the history. The script depicts the story of a family. All the events which happened in the year 1501. It has focused on the sport of wrestling. The concept is a focus on the Karnataka’s Vijayanagara realm. It was the time of around 500 years back in the era. To know the meaning of Bablusha, you need to catch the rest of the story at the theater.

Analysis It is a drama based movie. The theme of the film is different from the other stories of the movie. The Bablusha is the mixture of drama, old backgrounds, acting, and the sports as well. The audience can enjoy the sports of wrestling. It is for the entertainment with the historical side of Karnataka’s empire. The Venkat Bharadwaj is the director and writer of the Bablusha. The director had done hard work to take the character in the movie as per the script demand. It’s not a cup of tea to present the historical moments.

Still, his work is appreciable. CV Shivashankar is the producer of the film. He has given the good production to the Bablusha. This movie was made under the banner of Amruth film. Akshay P Rao is the editor of the movie. Vishwajith B Rao is the director of the photography. Sunny Madhavan is the music composer. The music is average, not so much catching the attention of the audiences. The film will experience the competition, as there are different good releases on the screen.

Star Performances The star is the main pillar of any film. Harsh Arjun is well in his performance. Mrudhula Basker has given a complete justice to his acting part. The lead cast performances create the intensity in the script. As the drama is of kingdom, the supporting role has equal scope in the role. All the supporting actors’ performance is relevant to the character’s demand. The presentation of the historical things with the amalgamation of the family story is the new fusion in the movie. The appropriate role of the actors as per the need makes the drama beautiful.

What’s there?

1. The story plot is somewhat different from the usual script, which is the centre of the attraction of whole the film.

2. The acting of the star cast presents the concept very well on the screen.

What’s not there?

1. The requirement of the background is from the ancient background. Hence we are expecting more work on the editing and background frame.

2. The entertainment value of the film is missing in the story presentation part and feels like it stuck to a point.

Verdict If you wish to see the historical, creative drama, with the family script in the era of 1501, then you must catch this movie in the cinema hall. The panorama of vivid things will reveal here in the Bablusha.