Other names of Yogesh: Yogi, Loose Maada
Birthday: 06-07-1990
Age: 29
Star sign: Leo

Yogesh is a famous Kannada film actor. His birth was on the 6th of July, in the year 1990. His full name is Yogesh Paghdal. He also goes by the name Loose Mada in the Kannada film industry. Yogesh was born and raised in Bangalore, Karnataka. His father Mr. T.P Siddaraju works as a producer. He is also the nephew of a renowned Kannada actor Duniya Vijay. Yogesh made his debut in the Kannada film industry in the movie Duniya in the year 2007, produced by his father in which he portrayed the role of Loose Mada. After the movie, Loose Mada became his second name. His fans call him by the name Loose Mada. Yogesh made his debut as a hero in the movie Hrudaya I Miss You, which was directed by the famous Kannada movie director Satya. He also starred in the movie Nanda Loves Nanditha in the year 2008 as a solo hero. The movie Nanda Loves Nanditha was a blockbuster hit all over Karnataka. After this, Yogesh was offered a bunch of roles in the Kannada film industry.

In the year 2009, he starred in four movies – Raavana, Preethse Preethse, Yogi, and Ambaari. Yogesh starred in the movie Ambari, in the year 2010 playing the role of Dhanush. Yogesh performance in Ambari was a masterpiece. He also received a Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor was his mind blowing performance in Ambari. Later, in 2011, he did a movie Hudugaru, which was the remake of a Tamil movie Nadodigal. Yogesh received a Suvarna Award for Best Supporting Actor for this movie. In the year 2012, Yogesh appeared in the movie Sidlingu for which he was nominated for the Filmfare Awards for Best Actor – Kannada category. Yogesh is also passionate about singing. He has sung title tracks for the movie Kalaya Tasmai Namaha and Bangari. Yogesh is a busy actor with huge a fan following among teenagers and youngsters. He has also signed up signed up some movie in Kollywood.

V. Ravichandran Kannada Actor

V. Ravichandran

The Crazy Actor, Ravichandran is an actor, director, producer, music director and editor known for his work in Kannada Cinema. He was born on 30th May 1961. He was born to N. Veeraswamy, a film producer and Pattamal. He married Sumathy on 14th February 1986. He has two sons Manoranjan and Vikram, and a daughter Geethanjali. Ravichandran’s debut as an actor was Khadeema Kallaru (1982) in which he played the negative role when he was 21 followed by Chakravyuha (1983). After doing numerous roles as a supporting actor, he was the lead in his directorial debut that was a Kannada cinema Blockbuster, Premaloka (1987) a romantic comedy with Juhi Chawla. His has his production house named Sri Eswari Productions. Ravichandran has given Kannada cinema some of the biggest hits of its time. Starting with Premaloka, which was one of the most expensive films in Kannada cinema with Juhi Chawla as the female lead. He was the lead in many blockbusters like Ranadheera, which was a remake of Subhash Ghai’s Hero. Some of his other films are Anjada Gandu, Yuddha Kaanda, Raamachaari, where he played the part of an innocent villager. He had a compelling personality and remarkable looks for which he was known for. Since his debut Premaloka was a big-budget movie he brought in a trend of producing magnificent films in Kannada cinema. He introduced grandeur and inspired the new generation of directors. He has also worked with many well-known directors like S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu and D. Rajendra Babu. He is known for getting Hamsalekha into the light, and this duo did many movies together as music directors and gave many popular songs. Later, he made some popular tunes Ekangi and Aham Premasmi. He started his company Eswari Audio later to be known as Eswari Entertainments. He was also awarded as the Best Musical Director on the state level. He not only brought the trend of Big-Budget Movies to Kannada cinema but also brought in Digital Grading technology. He started selling music cassettes through cable operators to beat piracy. Ravichandran was also seen on television as a judge in Dancing-star season-2 on Colors Kannada.


Sanchari Vijay

Vijay Kumar B alias Sanchari Vijay is a Kannada Theater and film artist. The tag ‘Sanchari’ comes from a drama troupe of the same name of which, Vijay is a vital part. The milestone in his acting career is regarded as the 2015 movie ‘Naanu Avanalla...Avalu’ where he takes, head-on, the bold portrayal of a transgender. For his brave stint, Vijay procured the National award for Best Actor. He is the third Kannada actor to win the award; his precursors being eminent actors like M.V Vasudeva Rao and Charuhasan. To add to the pride, ‘Harivu’, in which he is the protagonist, won the award for the ‘Best Feature Film’ in the language, Kannada. In ‘Harivu,’ Sanchari portrays an intense relationship between a father and son. ‘Naanu Avanalla….. Avalu’ is a based on an original story and it comes to life with Vijay’s exceptional acting skills. He renders the emotion and body language of a transgender in a way that is simply out of this world. As he confesses, the role had educated him about the life of a transgender- their position in the social ladder. Having done plays that echoed the same radical theme, he had to learn to adapt to the mannerisms. While on one plate he deals with gender bias; on the other, he deals with urbanization and cultural politics through ‘Harivu’. Vijay is little known for his commercial movies as his works are, by large, non-canonical and mostly theatre. His characters are diverse and complex as in ‘Dasavala’, directed by Jogi Prem, where he plays the role of a boy who is mentally and physically challenged. His other works include ‘Oggarane’ a Kannada remake of the Malayalam film, ‘Salt and Pepper’ He was born on 1983 in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. He is also very popularly known as a writer.

Sanchari Vijay Kannada Actor