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Kushal Raj is an Indian professional actor in the Kannada film industry. The latest movie in which Kushal Raj was part of is Moda Modala Mathu Chanda which released in the year 2016. Kushal Raj entered the Kannada film industry through the movie Mr. Premi which hit the theatres in the year 2015. The launch of the movie Moda Modala Mathu Chanda took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This movie is said to be of a romantic genre, and it has a team of relative newcomer actors Leona Lishoy Young, bubbly actress Leona Lishoy made a smooth e >> Read More... , Kushal Raj and Tejaswini. For the launch event of this Kannada film, film director and writer D. Shivalinga, producers Shantaraj and Manjula Shantaraj and music director Chandrakanth blessed the occasion with their presence apart from the cast and crew. Kushal Raj was born in Mysore in Karnataka, India. He was brought up in the same city.

Kushal Raj did his schooling at Marimallappa's High School in Mysore, and he got his college degree from Marimallapa Pre University College in Mysore. He finished a masters degree in management. The audio launch of the movie Moda Modala Mathu Chanda was said to be very grand and impressive. H. D. Gangaraju, N. M. Suresh, Thara came to speak at the music launch and were mesmerized by the style of the program set by the producer Shantaraj. It was very emotional to the team and the program started by honoring the media persons as they are vital to any promotion. All the six songs in the film became trendy. Chandrakanth did the composition of these pieces. Kannada industry releases only a handful of movies in a year. So when the films Om Sharanam Ayyappa, Masterpiece, and Niguda Rahasya hit the theatres in the year, everybody thought that was it.

However, Kushal Raj's movie Mr. Premi popped up as a surprise towards the end of the year. The producer of the movie Mr. Premi is Mr. Shantharaj who is fondly called as Kulla Shanta. His wife Manjula Shantaraj is a co-producer of this film. Kushal Raj is the son of these producers. This film was said to release sooner, but due to some circumstances, it could get released only on December 31st of the year 2015. This film is Kannada actor Saikumar's 200th film in the industry as an actor. Kushal Raj worked hard for the movie Moda Modala Mathu Chanda. Many shots were filmed in Manali as skiing was part of the screenplay. Kushal Raj took lessons to learn skiing for this movie. He even got a ligament tear during the training but still was determined and gave his best shot for the shoot. Kushal Raj also learned gymnastics and martial arts before venturing into movies.


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