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Other names of K.N.Taylor: Kadandale Narayana Taylor
K.N.Taylor Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 1939
  • Date of death: 18-03-2015

Kadandale Narayana Taylor popularly known as K.N. Taylor is a famous actor, producer, and director in Tulu movies. Born in 1939, at Kadandale, the actor always had an inclination towards working in skits. Though he was a tailor by profession, he had every skill required on stage as an actor, director, and producer. He owned a drama troupe, The Ganesha Natak Sabha, in 1958.

The Mangalore-based troupe performed 17 dramas in India as well as abroad, and Taylor’s fame increased in the acting world. The 76-year-old actor is acclaimed to be the ‘First Superstar’ in Tulu movies. He worked on scripts, direction, acting, as well as dialogues. He has proved himself as an actor by acting in almost nine films. People usually attracted towards his portrayal of Kannada language, its culture, and literature, in his dramas and stage performances. He has four kids Ganesh, Mamata Suresh, Poornima Uday, and Asha Praveen. The veteran took demise on 18 March, 2015, at a private hospital in Mangalore. The financial constraints couldn’t stop his passion for Tulu industry. Mr. Taylor always appreciated the talents of new artists and gave them the exposure needed.

One such actor who got recognition because of Taylor is Thonse Pushpakala Kumar. Known as the ‘ Bheeshma Click to look into! >> Read More... Bheeshma ’ of Tulu industry, he could attract the crowd to his stage performances, even when the facilities were not very good. He wanted his drama troupe to run even after his death. In 1990, he produced Satya Olundu, directed by Aruru Pattabhi. The veteran also acted in this film along with Devadas Kapikad DevadasKapikad is a south Indian theatre actor, vo >> Read More... Devadas Kapikad , Sadashiva Saliyan. This feature proved to be his last film as an actor and producer.

He directed Daareda Seere, which means a wedding saree, in 1984. In 1981, he worked again with Sadashiva Saliyan in Bhagyavantedi. He was also the producer for the same. Taylor created Sangama Saakshi in 1977. He also acted and produced the film. A year before that, he gave the industry Saaviradorti Savithri. The movie starred him and saw him as the producer. In 1974, he came with three masterpieces. Kaasdaya Kandane, acted and produced by him. Yaan Sanyasi Aape, appeared, produced, and he was the lyricist of the same. Yer Malthina Tappu, he produced, directed, acted, and wrote the lyrics. A year before that, he starred in, Dharma Pathni. In 1972, he made Bisatti Babu. He also appeared in the same, and wrote the lyrics for the movie.

His acting in feature films started with Daredha Budedhi. The film released in 1971, produced by him. The 76-year-old, got Taulava Award from for his immense work in Kannada cinemas, from the Tulu Nataka Kalavidara Okkoota, in 2015. In the previous year, he got Lifetime Achievement Awards, at Tulu Film Awards. Taylor also received 1996-1997 Award from Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy. In the year 1994, he got Kannada Rajyotsava Award. Karnataka Natak Academy accorded its 1989 Award to him. Bhagyavanthedi Tulu film garnered him Special State Award in 1982.