There was a time in India when careers like modeling, acting etc were considered not so viable for women. This was because of the narrow mindset fo the people and some superstitions regarding women. Over the past several decades India has changed significantly but we've somehow failed to completely wipe out this mentality and hence at some places people still have the same cliché mindset. This has made difficult for girls to come up for modeling. Nastiya Roy is a model and she has broken all these stereotypes and she thanks the people who have supported her all this while for their support.

She was born in a not so modern family but her parents and acquaintances have supported her throughout her journey. She has been lucky to have such people around. Not every actress has this luck some had to sacrifice her family and everything to pursue their dreams. She didn’t have any intention to be a model or an actor when she grows up, destiny just played along and she got there. a film offer was made to her, it was an erotic thriller and she was quick to grab it. She plans to open an event management company in the future.