Parameshvara is known as Vatasseri Parameshvara Nambudiri. He was born in c.1380 is a famous Indian mathematician and the astronomer who studied and worked in the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics. The school is founded by Madhava of Sangamagrama. Parameshvara was called Vatasseri from his family side, and his family located in Kerala, Alathiyur, and Tirur. He was from the background of Govinda Bhattathari who is the famous astrologer of the Kerala traditions. Vatasseri guided by the teachers Narayana and Rudra, and during the year of 1350 to 2025, he was in the school of astronomy and mathematics of Kerala. He worked from 1444 to 1544 as an astronomical and mathematical teacher of Nilakantha Somayaji.

Parameshvara served for several of Astronomical and mathematical works like Aryabhata and Bhaskar and several others. Almost fifty-five years he had monitored the series of eclipse and computed the positions of the planets. One of the most significant and prominent efforts of Parameshvara is the calculation inverse interpolation of the Sine and the value of mean value. He has also worked for the formula which includes the radius of the circle and expression for the cyclic violators the necessary it is used to give function on an interval which started from the hypothesis to the point of intervals. He made several Manuscripts of works which are available in several regions of the state.

His notable works are Karmadipika which is the “Commentary on Mahabhaskariya of Bhaskara I, Sidhantadipika the Commentary on Mahabhaskariyabhashya of Govindasvāmi, Drgganita the Description of the Dark system which is composed in 1431 CE, Bhatadipika the Commentary on Aryabhaṭiya of Aryabhata I, Paramesvari all about the Commentary on Laghubhaskariya of Bhaskara I, Vivarana topic on the Commentary of Surya Siddhanta and Lilāvati, Goladipika notable about the Spherical geometry and astronomy composed in the year 1443 CE, Grahanavyakhyadipika covers about On the rationale of the theory of eclipses, Grahanamandana helps us in the Computation of eclipses and Its epoch is 15 July 1411 CE, and Ak yak Arana” consists of the Methods for the derivation of several astronomical tables. He also worked on Dugganite it is all about the Computation of Several Astrologers, Astronomers and Almanac works.

This Drigganita is called as Thiru- Ganita Panchagas in the Tamil Language. Initially, it is introduced by Haridatta which is later revised by Parameshvara as Parahita revision system. He also worked for several works of the Ancient inventors as a reviser.

Maharshi Anand Guruji  Kannada Actor

Maharshi Anand Guruji

Maharshi Anand Guruji is a TV host who presents astrology shows on Kannada television channel. In personal life, he is undoubtedly the renowned astrologer in Karnataka region who operates from J.P. Nagar Club, Bengaluru. He has appeared on ZEE Kannada TV for a programme titled ‘Maharshi Vaani’ which was aired daily morning since June onwards. Previously, he was associated with ETV Kannada programme ‘Maharshi Darshana’. This renowned astrologer had participated in many TV channel programs. He had gained popularity over the years in Karnataka region as many TV channels have been beaming programmes on astrology from the morning. Some shows are re-telecast even in the afternoon for viewers. It is quite natural that his spiritual advice on numerous TV channels had even made youngsters become ardent followers of his astrology predictions. Even youths watch his daily dose of horoscope reading that predicts their future. Today in Bengaluru especially, astrology has become a profession where people seek advice for their bright fortune, and such advice is no longer given behind closed doors. Maharshi Anand Guruji has become entirely comfortable on channels carrying long broadcasts on people’s future and has more or less turned counselors by inviting the public's reaction to his shows. It is because of Maharshi’s participation that many programmes are gaining popularity, and TV channels are also telecasting the same for viewer’s request. Every morning when people watch almost all the predictions particularly about ‘particular star’, this tells an audience, whether his day will be good enough and whether it will be a good idea to re-think about his prediction. This is one reason that Maharshi Anand Guruji took an interest in TV telecast and started giving some counseling for viewers who can sit at home and watch. At least, viewers get solace on seeing some programmes. He teaches people through the television what a person needs to learn and acknowledge before going through his day. He also shot to fame through other TV programs like Pranavam, Dharma Darpana, etc in Karnataka region.