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Bharath Sagar Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Actor

Bharath Sagar is a well-known Indian actor working predominantly in the Kannada Film Industry. His first hit film in the Kollywood cinema was Aatakkuntu Lekkakkila in 2019. The horror comedy mystery film was directed by Ram J. Chandra, starring Kaddipudi Chandru Kaddipudi Chandru is an actor as well a producer f >> Read More... Kaddipudi Chandru , Achyuth Kumar Achyuth Kumar was born in Bangalore. He has acted >> Read More... Achyuth Kumar , and Mayuri Kyatari Mayuri catapulted to fame with her debut role in t >> Read More... Mayuri Kyatari , and released on 27 September 2019. He is most known for his role in his recent film Last Peg in 2021. Under the direction of Sanjay Vadat S Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sanjay Vadat S , it was his first Telugu movie with the co-star's Bank Janardhan Bank Janardhan is an Indian actor in Kannada film >> Read More... Bank Janardhan and Yashashwini Ravindra. Bharath Sagar is currently working on his new project Kalave Mosagara by Sanjay Vadat S, scheduled to be released on 09 September 2022.