Neelakshi Singh Hindi Actor

Neelakshi Singh is a Hindi writer. She was born in Hajipur Bihar on Friday. She graduated from University of Varanasi in 1998 with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. She is a Hindi author in contemporary Hindi literature. Singh is also a leading novelist. Neelakshi Singh is a leading lady and has won many awards some of them are- Samakant Smrithi Puraskar in 2002. She won the Katha Award in 2004. Also, she won the Golden Jubilee Sahitya Academy award in 2004. She has also written many stories and novels, and some of her words include ‘Parinde Ka Intezar Sa Kuch, Jinki Muthiyon Mai Surakh Tha. Jise Jahan Nahi Hona Tha, and Suddhi Patra. Critics have also praised her two stories Parinde Ka Intezar Sa Kuch and Jinki Muthiyon Mai Surakh Tha.

Neelakshi's topics attempt on communalism, globalization, and many more related topics, she has written a classic story Parinde. Neelakshi’s first novel was Shuddhi Patra published in 2008. She was the central character in the documentary film “Through the Eyes of Words” directed by Shweta Merchant and produced by NHK, Japan. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh immigrated the golden jubilee celebrations of Sahitya Academy on November 2004. Young Writer’s Awards were awarded to Neelakshi Singh. At present, she is working for the State Bank of India The stories told in Parinde Ka Intezar Sa Kuch continuously deals with the globalization. Apart from these social matters, the story also explores a new pattern of writing. In her novel “Shuddhi Patra” Neelakshi has written about the impurities which are entirely visible and who knows when a person changes his life’s track.