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Hindi Voice Over Artist ( 0 - 12 )

Razia Khanam

Mario Silva

Adnaan Rizvi

Samridhi Shukla


Voice-Over Artist Are Highly Tallented!!!

The job of a voice over artist is to provide his or her voice to a character in animated films or movies that are dubbed into other languages, without actually appearing on the screen. Besides movies, they provide their voices to characters in documentaries, radio dramas, video games and TV commercials as well. It is not just the voice of the artist that is important to his job, but also how effectively he can convey the emotions only through his voice, that too within a stipulated time. In a film, voice over is used for the narration of a story from the past of the characters or in the present.

The story is scripted and the lines are written in the context of the plot. A renowned personality with a deep reverberant voice may be called up for the narration, or a voice over artist hired by an agency is signed up. The voice of the artist reading out the lines is recorded separately and is played in the background of images that run on the screen. Here are Bollywood’s most famous voice over artists.