Kaushiki Chakraborty

Other names of Kaushiki Chakraborty: Kaushiki Chakrabarty
Kaushiki Chakraborty Hindi Actress
Other Skills

Kaushiki was born on October 24 in the year 1980 in Kolkata. She is a great and eminent Classical Vocalist of the Indian origin. She belongs to a well-reputed and well-known family in Kolkata. She has her training in the style of “gayaki” of Gharana of Patiala. She honed her singing skills at the “Sangeet Research Academy” where her father taught. She is well trained in the ‘semi-classical” and “light classical” music genre which includes “khayals” and “thumris”. She has received many applauds and accolades for her passion for music as well talent. She has been recognized and honored by various national and international awards like the BBC award in the year 2005. She has shown her skill and talent in various national and international festivals too. She was born to Chandana Chakraborty and the prominent Classical singer Ajoy Chakraborty. She is married to Parthasarathi Desikan and did many performances with him at many concerts and shows. They have a son named Rishith.

She had an ardent desire in music at the age of 2. She pursued her education at Patha Bhavan School. She pursued her undergraduate degree from the Jogmaya Devi College in Kolkata. She has given a company to her father on various world tours and used to watch closely everything his father would do during the 1980s. She made her debut in the singing career by singing her first song at the Calcutta Rowing Club. She sang a Tarana there. His father’s guru Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh taught her the Indian Classical music and the skills of music and everything at his academy. She graduated from the ITC Sangeet Research Academy in the year 2004 and, later on, she was trained by her father. She pursued her Masters in Philosophy at the Jadavpur University. She was so well-trained in “khyals” and “Thumris” that she always performed the blend of these two at many concerts. But she has also got her skill in the Indian pop music. The most promising platform to showcase her talent was the “Dover Lane Music Conference” where she had contributed five years of her life. At the early age, she also performed at the concerts in London.

Kaushiki also hosts a show where she has a chat with the renowned singers. The show has many notable guests. She has formed a musical group named “Sakhi” in which only women are a part. This was created so as to cherish the womanhood. During her journey and career, she has won immense recognition and awards. She got the “Jadu Bhatta Award” in the year 1995 and many more. She has recorded many songs and performed on many singing shows including MTV Coke Studio. Words become less to describe this great singer and vocalist.