Yasmin Sait was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She is a Momager, a person who handles both the jobs of a mother and a manager professionally. She is the Momager to their kids. A wonderful mom who raised their kids so well. She was previously married to Zakariah Sait. The couple had two children named Danish Sait and Kubbra Sait. Then she had to face the world as a single mother. Though she struggled a lot, soon she became a proud mother after defeating all her weak points. Danish Sait became a Radio Host, TV Presenter, Actor, and Writer.

Kubbra Sait also made herself a well-known anchor and actress. Kubbra advised her mother to be their manager and handle all the work calls. Yasmin then thought of starting this work as she found it relatable to her will and handled both home and their professional lives at the same time. She has been doing the job for a decade and is very satisfied with what she does. Yasmin, along with her kids, currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She loves reading books and listening to her favorite tracking, along with humming the songs to blends herself with the soul of the music.