Priyanka Mishra is a television actress, who is most popularly known for her role she played in the serial called Chotti Bahu Chotti Bahu was a daily soap that was aired on Zee >> Read More... Chotti Bahu that aired on Zee TV. Chotti Bahu is a serial based on the youngest bride of the family and the challenges that comes her way when she steps into her in-laws house. The character she plays is called Vishaka. She has a challenging role, as she has to play negative, who takes advantage of the innocence of her sister, and plots against her for her own benefit!
Her current ranking among celebrities is 1022, whereas last week it was 1053. She reached the peak of her popularity in December, 2009, that was when she had the celebrity ranking of 86!
Besides being such a great professional actress, there is one more thing that Priyanka is extremely passionate about, and that is singing. It is singing that keeps her going through the hard and not so happy days. In a couple of interviews she has been found to exclaim, that for her singing is simply a stress buster. It is something that helps her keep her cool, and carry on without much difficulty even after a sixteen hour long shoot. She has been heard singing on the sets too.