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Hindi Tv Actress Sophia Chaudhary
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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Sophia Chaudhary is an actress from India who is known for her job in the documentary named One Big Hapa Family.

One Big Hapa Family released to the public in the month of October of the year 2010. It ran for the first time in Calgary Film Festival. The motion picture is made more in the style of a documentary. Some parts of it are animated, and some got shot in live action. Jeff Chiba Stearns is the director of this documentary. The director is from Canada. The story of the film gets based on the general fact that there have been loads of Canadian people who marry Japanese and vice versa. The motion picture is about what the later generations born out of these inter-racial marriages think about themselves and their mixed culture.

Jeff Chiba Stearns also played the role of the writer of the film along with being the director. Ruth Vincent has worked on the production of One Big Hapa Family. The lead person in charge of the music was Genevieve Vincent. Jeff Chiba Stearns’ role in the making of this film was not limited to Direction and screen-writing. She also worked as the editor as well as involved herself with the cinematography aspect of One Big Hapa Family. She has done the cinematography along with an individual named Jason Woodford. The documentary was quite engaging and of interest and thus, was liked by the masses a lot. Not only the audience, but the film critics and awardees loved the movie a lot too. It was highly critically acclaimed.

It won the NFB Best Video and Film award at the Film Festival of Toronto Reel Asian, which was International, in the year 2010. It also won the best documentary award at the motion picture festival of Trail Dance. One Big Hapa Family also won the Special Jury Award within the genre documentary at the film festival of Los Angeles Asian Pacific. It won two same awards here. One Award was received in the category of Outstanding Cinematography and for Outstanding editing too.

Sophia Chaudhary appeared in this documentary as herself. She had no particular role in the movie. The length of the film was eighty-five minutes. The lead actors who have taken part in this documentary as actors are members of the Bradford Family (Candace Bradford, Geri Bradford, Jordan Bradford, Makenna Bradford and Wayne Bradford), Danny Carlson, Sophia Chaudhary, Harry Chiba and June Demcheson.


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