Megha Joshi Hindi Actress
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Megha Joshi is an Indian TV actress. She primarily works in the Hindi and Gujarati television industries. She acted in several drama series including “Bhagya Ka Likha (2021), Kalindi, Katha Sarita, and Laxmi Sadaiva Mangalam.” Megha also worked in a few movies. Her film credits include “ Mumbai Meri Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Mumbai Meri Jaan ” (2008), “Suno Na... Ek Nanhi Aawaz “(2009), and “Chapekar Brothers” (2016). She appeared in Manoj Nathvani's “Ma Locho Padyo” (2017). Megha played a supporting role in “ Lakshmi Sadaiv Mangalam Lakshmi Sadaiv Mangalam is a story about a cheerfu >> Read More... Lakshmi Sadaiv Mangalam .” The series, aired on the “Colors Marathi” channel, received a positive response from the audience. The plot is centered around Lakshmi, an ordinary girl from a simple family. Megha played a minor role in the “Lakshmi Sadaiv Mangalam.” She nailed her brief presence in the show and received praises from the audience for her acting skills.