Mahleej Sarkari is a Model and a TV personality who has also acted in a couple of Hindi movies and Shows. She was Miss Pakistan World for the year 2007. She was born on 31st August 1982, in Karachi, Sindh Province of Pakistan, but her family had immigrated to Canada when she was still a child and now she is a Canadian citizen. Her sun sign is Virgo. Having born in a Parsi-Muslim-Christian family in Pakistan, her primary schooling was devoid of any exhilaration. But once her family has moved to Canada, a whole lot of possibilities were opened to her, and right from her school days she was involved in several activities and had shone in every one of them. Singing or Dancing, or both, Acting or Modeling, or both, all came naturally to her and she has won many contests and accolades, taking part in fashion shows and promotional events. The Canadian TV Puppet Show, “Ed the Sock”, which was the creation of Steven Kerzner and who has voiced it too, became her launching pad in Television, and she has appeared in it for a total of 3 seasons. She took part as a contestant in the 2007 - Miss Pakistan World competition held on June 23rd of that year at Mississauga, situated in Southern Ontario, west of Toronto, Canada, and won. She has reportedly told the audience somewhere that she would like to date the then President of Pakistan, General Musharraf. She lives in Toronto and New York, and in-between, now. When “Miss Tourism Queen International” pageant was held on April 10th 2008 at Zhengzhou, China, she took part in it on behalf of Pakistan. Though the Peruvian beauty Silvia Vanessa Cornejo Cerna won the contest, Mahleej has won the hearts of many Asians, especially, people from Pakistan, coming as the Disco Queen Runner-up, the Disco Queen title won by none other than India’s Devyani Chandrakant Mandavgane. She is the President of Mahleej Sarkari Promotions Inc., an organization of a smaller presence, which helps the underprivileged, medically, mainly, on heart-related ailments. The organization does business activities and conducts promotional activities to raise funds to meet this goal. This organization was registered on 7th of July 2008, under the Canada Business Corporations Act, its Registered Office being at Aurora, Ontario. On First of July, 2014 the above company was dissolved and reported to be ‘no longer trading or active’. At the reality show “Desi Kuriyan Season One” (2011) in which 10 urban girls will compete to do village chores to come first, she won the finals in a yellow dress and got the first prize of Pakistan Rupees 5,00,000. The show was directed by Asif Khan and Khurram Fareed, and hosted by Waqar Zaka at ARY Digital, Pakistan. The “Moonlight With Mahly” TV show, which is similar to the Vibe TV’s “Love Indicator” show (another TV personality Mathira hosts this), in terms of many things including, as some in Pakistan put it, vulgarism, etc., is hosted by Mahleej Sarkari on the Pakistan music channel ‘Oxygene’ that is headquartered at Khayaban E Itihad, Karachi. She has acted in a small role in the Hindi movie, “Kismet Konnection” (2008) directed by Aziz Mirza. She has also appeared in a small role in the same year Romantic Comedy, “The Love Guru” directed by debutant Marco Schnabel, which starred Mike Myers and the ever-young Jessica Alba, along with Justin Timberlake. She was associated with the Miss Chin Bikini Contest of 2006, where the contestants are judged for their pose and personality and intelligence level more than their physiques. She has hosted the show “Chacha and the Babe”, at the beginning of the year 2012, in TV 1 Canada. She was also reportedly working with the productions of “Spicy Divas”, the group of fitness and well-being oriented women, who provide line dancing instructions to crowds and like-minded people, free for all, at the events.

Another Version Of Bio:

Mahleej Sarkari is a well known Pakistani Canadian citizen and has been the winner of Miss Pakistan World pageant which was held in 2007. This was the 5th pageant which took place in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Mahleej was a part of Miss Tourism Queen International pageant held in Zhengzhou, China in the year 2008 and was crowned Miss Disco Runner-up.

Currently, she lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Originally, Mahleej Sarkari was born in Karachi, Sindh but her entire family emigrated to Canada when she was small as refugees. She was born on 31st August, 1982. She did her elementary schooling in Pakistan and it was in Canada that she continued her further education. She was first seen in a bikini in the T.V. show ‘Ed the Sock’ which raised controversy.

She has also been a part of controversies after the pageant for her desire and dream to date the President of Pakistan “President Musharraf”. Mahleej is known to have worked in a few local channels in Pakistan and she had even come to India to try out her luck in Bollywood. She made her first debut with the Bollywood movie ‘ Kismat Konnection’.

Mahleej also gained prominence when she displayed her open affection for Pervez Musharraf and declared how she would love to date him. The world wide statement which garnered attention was her calling the President a ‘hunk’.

She belongs to a nation where belly dancing is not talked about as women are expected to cover themselves with veil, she has belly dancing as her favourite hobby and has photos of her on her web site. Mahleej Khan has also worked in a game based Pakistani reality television show called ‘Desi Kuriyan’ where she was also the winner.

Apart from this, she has also worked in T.V. ads, music videos and talk shows. After she started a family, she cut out a few years to focus on her daughter. She also has her presence felt on social media wherein she hosts her own show named as “Moonlight with Mahleej” on Facebook.

Here, she interacts with her fans, gives her opinion on videos, current issues, taboo topics and also helps the audience by providing them tips on dating. A performer, actor and entertainer she has always followed her heart and passion.

Mahleej has an official web site which goes by the name which features the actors latest photoshoot, her views and videos of recent events and also t-shirts, i-phone and laptop cases of her amongst other things which can be purchased online.

It is a company which was launched around 2009 and it also involves various productions, clients and sponsors, promotions, event organizations. The company supports abused women, orphans and sick children. The aim was to raise awareness and bring sensitivity amongst people about the burning issues surrounding us as a society.

Madhavi Juvekar Hindi Actress

Madhavi Juvekar

Madhavi Juvekar is an actress from Maharashtra, India. She has acted in many Marathi and Hindi movies, Plays, and TV serials and TV shows as well, winning more than 72 awards in the process, and continuing. She has also acted in a few movies of the genre, World Cinema. In her initial years of acting, the Marathi actress has won the Best Supporting Actress Award for acting in the 2008 Marathi movie, “Tingya”, as the character, ‘ Anjana’, at the Maharashtra State Film Awards ceremony. The movie was directed by MangeshHadawale, his first movie as a Director. Next came the movie, “Kavi”, which was one of the short films of 2009, centered on evils of child labor and bonded labor, and a child’s attempt to escape his copters. The movie was written and directed by Gregg Helvey, and actors like UlhasTayade, and Bollywood actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya of Dev D fame, along with Rajesh Kumar have starred in it. Madhavi Juvekar has done the role of the mother to the child protagonist, a young boy, played by Sagar Salunke. The movie has won the Student Academy Award for the year 2009, and was actually nominated for the 2010 Oscar Awards. “GoshtaChotiDongraevadhi” of the year 2009 was her next notable film. This Marathi movie was directed by NageshBhonsle, and he has also acted in it. The movie was released on April 14th 2009. Madhavi Juvekar has acted in movies like, “Ek 7 Free”, which had financial troubles, and also in “MiAmruta Deshpande Bolatey”. In 2009 came “JhingChikJhing”, written and directed by debutant Nitin Nandan, and Madhavi Juvekar has played the role of ‘Manda’, the mother of ‘ Shyam’, the ten-year old protagonist, played by Chinmay Kambli. The movie was actually released on 11th of June 2010. The movie, “Upside Down” came in 2012, directed by Ajay Singh, shown at the Pune International Film Festival, 12th of January that year. She played the role of the mother to the child protagonist, ‘ Nandu’, the village kid. “ Ship Of Theseus”, written and directed by Anand Gandhi was another movie that came in 2012. Actually, the movie was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival on September of 2012 but was released in India only on the 19th of July 2013. She played the wife of Shankar, the bricklayer who sells off his kidney to pay the family’s debt. Madhavi Juvekar has played an important character in “Aai Ga”, another movie, a Comedy, that came in 2013, directed by Sanjay Rane and co-directed by Shirish Rane. The Marathi movie was produced by the latter with Sanjay Kumar. It starred the late Smita Talwalkar - two times National Award winner as Producer for her earlier works, and Arun Nalawade. ‘Rich Girl Poor Boy - Love Story’ was the theme of Kaakan, another Marathi movie that was released in the year 2015. Written by Kranti Redkar along with Omkar Mangesh, the movie was directed by the former, and starred Ashutosh Gaikwad, while Madhavi Juvekar played another main character. In this same year, “Gopya”, the Marathi movie directed by Raj Paithankar was released, starring her along with Aaditya Paithankar and others. Another movie by the name, “Black Board”, in which she was cast as a Teacher, was released on June 19th of the same year. “Fu Bai Fu Toll Free Comedy” is a TV serial that had its first episode on 14th of October 2013 and the final on 12th of January 2014. Madhavi Juvekar was in it along with Priyadarshan Jadhav, while Zee Marathi TV Channel had it telecast.


Malini Sengupta

MaliniSengupta is an Indian actress. She has been seen in remarkable supporting roles on Indian Television. Her role in Chandragupta Maurya, a TV series which aired on Imagine TV helped her to give a kick-start to her acting career. However, her most popular and critically acclaimed role was on &TV in a serial called Begusaria. She is often associated with the reality crime anthology series of India – Crime Patrol which is a Sony Television production. Her ability to pull off challenging and unique roles is lauded and praised, among other things. Her first performance on Hindi Television was on Chandragupta Maurya. It premiered on Imagine TV in March 2011. It is an Indian historic spectacle based on the life of one of the chief emperors of ancient India. Sagar Arts was responsible for the creation of the show, written and directed by over eight professionals with around 124 episodes which ran on air. After Imagine TV had been shut down for unknown reasons, the show was re-aired on Dangal TV. The Dangal TV broadcast started on 20th December 2014.  The new telecast was also happily received by the audiences and got high TRPs. MaliniSengupta played the role of Chitrarupa in the series. Her performance in her last episode when Dhananandabrutally kills Chitrarupawas praised by all, and her remarkable acting skills came under the microscope for the first time. The role of Rekha Thakur played by MaliniSengupta in Begusarai was a ground breaking performance, appreciated by all, the enactment got her multiple awards and accreditations. The show premiered on &TV on March 2, 2015. A SachinMohite development, it was written by over six writers with Pritha Nag as their Creative Director and produced by Swastik Productions Pvt. Ltd. It completed about 346 episodes over a little more than a year’s time. According to Malini, this was the most challenging character of her career. She shot the show in Begusarai, Bihar. Apart from the two major TV series, MaliniSengupta can be frequently seen in multiple episodes of Crime Patrol. Initially created by Cinevistaas Limited, followed by Optimystix Entertainment, it was a crime reality show on Sony Television. Written and developed by Subramanian Iyer, it was hosted by multiple TV personalities. It is a highly acclaimed show as it brings real life crime stories to the households. One of the strongest roles played by MaliniSengupta was of Nirmala, a victim of a crime who later burnt a man alive. Another Version of this Bio... Malini Sengupta is a well-known actress from the Bengali theatre industry. She has performed in many stage shows in Kolkata. Malini is a composition of TV actress, theatre actress and a Heroine in films. She has a very vibrant personality, and it shines through whatever role she plays in any type of action may it be theatre, or TV serial or Movie. She started her career as a theatre artist. Later, she also worked with TV shows including Begusarai, Apna Aasman,and Chandra Gupta Maurya. Begusarai is a TV serial that telecasts from Monday to Friday on 10:00 pm Indian standard time on the channel &TV. The show started onMarch 2nd,2015and finished on June24th,2016. It featured Shweta Tiwari, Shivangi Joshi, Satraj Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh in central roles. The serial is set in Begusarai, Bihar. In the year 2017, Malini is a part of the movie called Panchlait. Panchlait is a Bollywood film and its direction are by the very talented Prem Prakash Modi. The movie released in the year 2017. It was not a very super duper hit, but people loved the characters in the film. The movie overall has many good actors in it including Malini. It tells about the life of the people in 1950s and 1960s. Panchlait shows a north Indian village where they do not have any type of electricity. Malini tells that the story was very interesting for her as they showed how the villagers struggle for light in their village. A character named Godhan is a lead in the movie. Munro'smom lies to everybody in the town that Gordhan has been singing songs in Hindi for muni which have a bad language. The sarpanch of the town thus punishes Godhan for what he did. After some time, the villagers find a way out for light. The day when they were going to light the lamp, sarpanch realizes that the only person who knows how to fire up the petromax. Keeping his ego aside, the Sarpanch sends a word to Godhan to come and help and be the hero in everybody’s eyes. The punishment for Godhan thus gets annulled, and he comes has fired up the Petromax. Thus, the village becomes lit up now. The film has various scenes regarding all the believes and the superstitions surrounding the up lighter. The writer of the film, Punisher Nath Renu knew about how people used to light lamp sin the earlier era. Malini has enacted superbly in the movie, and we can be expecting more new films and projects from her.

Malini Sengupta Hindi Actress