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Hindi Tv Actor Rahul Arora
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Rahul Arora was born in Ohio. He received his primary education from Denison University and achieved a degree in B.A. He initially worked as an anchor in a popular entertainment channel, UTVi. He is professionally an actor and also worked in the 2008 TV show, “ Miley Jab Hum Tum Miley Jab Hum Tum is a popular youth oriented seri >> Read More... ”. The series’ first episode aired on 22nd September and it gathered immense public attention since it had a fresh star cast and the storyline of it was also different from the usual daily soaps that are telecast here.

The plot focuses on Samrat, Gunjan, Nupur, and Mayank. Samrat is the heartthrob of Excel College and is also a basketball player. His group members are Dia, Benji and Uday (Diana brother). Gunjan and Nupur Bhushan are Dia’s cousins from Morena. On hearing this news, Dia is surprised and starts to trouble them so that they return. Meanwhile, Mayank the geeky guy is introduced in the show who becomes the rival to Samrat. Over the time, it gives a character sketch of all the four characters and eventually Nupur and Mayank come closer to each other and Gunjan and Samrat becomes best friends due to college activities and seminars. Sheena, a model takes admission into the Excel College and has a crush on Samrat. They both tend to tangle with each other and Dia is left alone. Rahul Arora plays the role of Ranvijay, a rich spoiled brat who tries to take advantage of Dia since she is left heartbroken by Samrat.

Sheena tries to humiliate Gunjan but the plan backfires and Samrat chooses Gunjan over her eventually breaking their relationship. Mayank confesses Nupur that he loves her in a very dramatic way and thus, their relationship begins. All of them face difficulties in keeping up with the changing norm of their friendship. Both the sisters decide to take a break and they leave for their hometown to attend a family wedding.

Feeling lonely, the gang also visits Morena and thus creating a lot of confusions and misunderstandings. When all of them return, everything gets sorted and both of them become an official couple and enjoy being together. The season ends with the suspense continuing in the forthcoming season. The second season takes a three years leap and all the bonding shared by the gang is flushed and a lot of complications arise. Ranvijay and Sheena exit the show and don’t appear in the second season. Rahul is a commendable actor and the audience loved him in that character.


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