Jagat Rawat has been in the acting profession for more than thirty-five years. His experience had been enriched by his active participation in several theater troops, performing in several dramas and plays across many professional shows in Mumbai and Delhi before he gained the attention of many movie makers who took an interest in casting him in their movies. Till date, Jagat has not received any opportunity to be featured as a lead actor in any movies, but has performed as a supporting character in several movies, going by the age-old professional motto that “no part is too small for an actor”.

The reason he is called to perform even for the smallest part is due to this very dedication of his. In the movie ‘ Commando Click to look into! >> Read More... Commando (2013)’, Jagat performs a role as the Maharashtra M.P, bringing life to a character that was so engrossed with his profession and the power that he enjoys, not sparing any stereotypes of a typical government employee.Jagat adds new facets to the role by improvising the dialogues and adding mannerisms that only he can bring to the screen. The movie speaks the story of an Indian soldier who gets trapped in China and struggles to return home.

It is evident that though he receives only supporting characters to play, Jagat is choosy about the movies in which he acts since most of the like ‘Commando’, ‘No One Killed Jessica’ and ‘ Chor Chor Super Chor Click to look into! >> Read More... Chor Chor Super Chor ’; stick out from the conventional definitions of a typical Bollywood movie. All of them have a fresh idea somewhere integrated into them. The presence of such a uniqueness is not merely coincidental. ‘No one Killed Jessica’ is a biographical crime investigation story while ‘ChorChor Super Chor’ is a comical tale revolving around a petty robbery. He got a lot of recognition for his performance in ‘NoOne Killed Jessica’ since the movie was a huge success, bagging several awards including the Filmfare Award for best supporting actress (bagged by Rani Mukerji).

Jagat’s acting career is marked by his shift in focus to serials when he appeared in shows such as ‘Ganga Ki Dheej’, ‘Seven’, ‘ Powder Powder is an Indian television series released on >> Read More... Powder ’ etc. He received another role in ‘NishaAurUske Cousins’ (Nisha and her cousins), which is yet another work that stays a bit away from the clichéd concepts of the industry. The show deals with the life of different people living in a joint family and the way in which each of them is influenced by his/her age and experience while dealing with a particular problem. Jagat plays the role of a non-conservative father in the show. He has signed the contracts for several upcoming films.