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Al Amin is a Television Actor, who is famous for his portrayal of Chintu in the Tv Series of Malegaon  ka Chintu in 2010 and Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman is a silent comedy seria >> Read More... in 2012. Both the shows are of the Silent Comedy Genre and feature on SAB TV. Both the shows produced by Deepti Bhatnagar Deepti Bhatnagar is a very famous face in the Indi >> Read More... , focus on a small town boy named Chintu, played by actor Al Amin. Chintu’s life revolves around his three loves: his coat, bicycle and a girlfriend named Pinky. In the show “Malegaon ka Chintu”, the protagonist is confined to his small town village of Maelgaon in Nasik district of Maharashtra. In his new show or say the second season named “Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman”; the protagonist becomes an International Traveller.Both the shows focus on the adventures of Chintu and his girlfriend, the hilarious situations they get caught up in  because of  the doings of Chintu only.

It is a pure silent comedy with no use of dialogues whatsoever. How Chintu changes from a small town boy, from a small village in  Nasik district to an International traveler, is a must watch. 

The show was shot in the beautiful locations of different countries. The team “Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman” has a round-the-clock schedule touring various locations, like Dubai, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Al Amin feels that the show comes easily to him as he is an energetic person by nature which is an essential need to keep up the high energy levels required in silent comedy dramas.

The show was also compared to another show named “Gutur Gu” on SAB  TV only. This show is also a silent comedy focused on the life of Balu, played by Kunal Kumar Kunal Kumar is an Indian Bollywood Actor known for >> Read More... and how he gets into incidents and its resulting confusion. Al Amin feels that both the shows are of the same genre, but are different from one another. “Gutur Gu” was  the first ever silent show series to air on TV and has had three seasons to its credit, airing more than 150 episodes.


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