Girish Mohite Hindi Actor

Girish Mohite was born on 8th of January 1971. Girish Mohite is an Indian filmmaker. He resides in Mumbai with his wife Shalaka and his son Atharva. This filmmaker has contributed to some of the biggest hits in the Marathi film industry such as HePorgyKuna chi in the year 2006, Be dune Sadechar in 2009, Pratibimb in 2011, Bharatiya in 2012 and Guru Purnima. He is mainly famous for his film Bharatiya and TV serial 'Ya Gojirvanya Bharat'.His latest film Guru Purnima featured Bollywood actors Upendra Limaye and . The filmmaker's upcoming segment, Bail in the movieBioscope which is showcased at the Goa Marathi Film Festival reveals the story about farmers’ suicides seen through the eyes of an ox.

The movie ‘Bail’ will feature the actors Mangesh Desai Mangesh Desai, also known as Mangesh is a great In >> Read More... Mangesh Desai and Sunita Tambe in lead roles. The filmmaker’s another film named ‘Mandal Abhari Aahe’ is slated for release in December. This filmmaker is known to have immense talent, and his stories are a hit on the big screen because they involve lives of the people.

They deal with the local people and showcase their problems on the big screen which makes the people aware of how the other people, apart from the Elite, lead their lives. Mohite has always been a family kind of person and has given utmost importance to introspection of people’s lives. The filmmaker has a mindset that when we can light a path, then why to brighten only one, be the light to everyone you meet. This precise thinking makes him unique and will take him to great heights. Apart from being a rising filmmaker, Girish Mohite also possesses wanderlust. This desire has taken him to too many places, exploring and learning. He was often seen with family and friends on outings. He is calm and composed which adds to the many great qualities this magic man owns.