Sultana Nooran Hindi Actress
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Sultana Nooran was born in Jalandhar, Punjab. She is a singer and is inclined towards Sufi music. Sultana hails from a family of musicians. Her father Ustad Gulshan Mir trained her to achieve the true zest for music and its divinity. She has a sister named Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran is a Punjabi Sufi singer and the sist >> Read More... Jyoti Nooran , who is also attached to the musical tradition. Nooran’s grandmother Bibi Nooran was a popular Punjabi Sufi singer of her time in the 70’s. Sultana has been trained in traditional “Sufi Music” for the past ten years. Their family follows Sham Chaurasi Gharana and Mirasi traditions of music.

Her father composes the music and arrangements for Sultana’s concerts and live performances. The Nooran sisters appeared on the TV show “Nikki Awaaz Punjab Di” and were praised and acclaimed by both judges and viewers. Sultana along with her sister Jyoti has performed in many international concerts in Canada and states as such, where they were largely acclaimed for their invigorating singing. Sultana has done many stage performances in India as well. In July 2012, the Nooran sisters appeared in the MTV Coke Studio. There they sang “Allah Hoo” in their mellifluous voices which created quite an impact on their fans.