Pratichee Mohapatra Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 25-01
Other Skills

Pratichee Mohapatra is a famous singer born on 25th January. She is currently a part of a rock band called Chikaraks which is India’s pioneer in a rock band just for kids. She has studied Knitwear Design and Technology at NIFT, Mumbai. Pratichee Mohapatra was a part of an all-girls band which was formed in 2002. It went on till 2005. Along with her were Anushka Manchanda Anushka Manchanda is an Indian playback singer, ly >> Read More... Anushka Manchanda , Seema Ramchandani, Neha Bhasin Neha Bhasin is a singer by profession and has many >> Read More... Neha Bhasin and Mahua Kamat Mahua Kamat is an Indian film industry music artis >> Read More... Mahua Kamat . Their first album was VIVA! which is also their band name. In 2003, they came out with VIVA! Reloaded. They sang a song for Bollywood film Lakeer called “ Rozana Your daily dose of current affairs from India and >> Read More... Rozana ” which was composed by A.R. Rahman. There were no reports that stated the band’s actual split, but they didn’t release any other album since then. Anushka Manchanda soon joined Channel V and became a playback Singer. Seema Ramchandani got associated with the Art Of Living Foundation and released her own album. Pratichee Mohapatra came up with her independent album “With Love, Pratichee”.

Recently, Pratichee sang a song for the film “ Angry Indian Goddesses Click to look into! >> Read More... Angry Indian Goddesses ” which is titled “Dil Dola Re.” Her dad is a Navy Veteran and is also a poet. She loves to read his poetry and often talks about it over social media. She does live shows under Moksh Entertainment banner. She has many other songs which are available on her Youtube channel and also on her social media handles.