Nirali Kartik

Other names of Nirali kartik: Nirali

Nirali Kartik is an Indian Classical Vocalist. Nirali was born in Ahmadabad, India. She is a singer, musician, lyricist, and composer. She began learning music at the age of nine. The environment of  her home was cultural, and she got immense support from her family to showcase her creativity in music.

Nirali has been introduced in Hindustani Music at Saptak School of Music by Shri P.G. Shinde. Later she got the chance to learn music from Shri Vikas Parikh, a prominent Hindustani vocalist, and an integral part of Mewati Gharana. Currently, Nirali has been trained under Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar. Nirali is very devoted and dedicated towards her passion for music which has now become an integral part of her life.

As Nirali starts singing, she enters another world and draws the attention of all the audience to enter into her adventurous journey of music. Her song defines the Indian music in depth. Her voice provides a very soothing effect on the audience.

She has a melody voice that represents Hindustani music in an extraordinary manner. Nirali’s forte is elaborate Alapchari, briskness in Taans, and clarity of the Swaras.  Her songs always conclude by Bhajans, semi-classical compositions, and Padas of  Haveli Sangeet. Nirali also has a YouTube Channel with 10,278 subscribers.

She uploads her music videos in her fabulous voice. She is a very versatile singer and sings songs in her unique style.  She is the one who formed the famous singing group Maat Baani along with her husband, Kartik Shah.

She introduced the collaboration of  Indian music with other country's music. They collaborate with the musicians from different countries and create an original and fresh song. Nirali has received honor of  many awards. She got the 1st Prize in Pandit Omkarnath Thakur Competition which was organized by Gujarat Sangeet  Natak Kala Academy in 1997 & 2004.

She also got 1st prize in Youth Festival at Gujarat University for five years consecutively, that is, from 2001-5. Nirali secured 1st position in Youth Festival in West Zone, Jalgaon in 2004-2005, and 2nd prize in National Youth Festival at Varanasi in 2005. She also received the Shrestha Sadhak Award in 2004 by Gujarat Sangeet Natak Kala Academy, Guru Gangadhar Pradhan Award in Bhubaneshwar in 2012.

Nirali had also received the Girnar Ratna Award in Junagadh in 2014. Nirali has also been offered scholarship by Saptak School of Music in Ahmedabad. Nirali is a popular vocalist and , with her unique way of singing, makes the audience lost in her songs.