Seema Ghazal was born in Pakistan. She is a writer by profession and has created some of the most extraordinary works for the Pakistani TV industry. Her first work “ Mehndi Story soon >> Read More... Mehndi ” aired in 2003 which is about a mother and father who are worried about the marriage of their daughters. It shows that all the four siblings get married on the same day, and it focuses on the life after their union, the problems and the difficulties they face to balance their life and maintain a stable relationship.

One of the four, Laila is married to Ahad. They had a love marriage and just like any other married couple they have fights, but they both try to come up with solutions. Laila hates Ahad's sister since she is the reason that Laila can never get pregnant again. While she was pregnant, his sister engaged in a fight with her and pushed her leading to a miscarriage. They both decide to adopt a child. Their second daughter, Malaika married Taha. He is financially unstable and recently left his job since he felt insecure because Malaika’s sister's husband is working in the same hospital at a higher post. They both tackle their life together.

The third sister, Alishaba is in the worst condition. She has an arranged marriage and her husband Rameez loves someone else and Alishaba lives every second knowing that her marriage could fail but leaves no stones unturned to save it. Dajjal's life with no doubt is the best. Her husband, Shahzaib, loved her as equally as she does, they are ready to survive in life holding each other’s hands. But problems have also arisen in her life; she informs about her husband suffering from cancer and finally loses him. She is left with his memories and needs to understand that she needs to return for the sake of her unborn child.

Seema also was a part of ‘Ana’, a Pakistani TV series launched in 2004. In the same year, “The Making Of Moore” hit the screens and it throws the limelight over the life of the third gender and how they have to deal with the attitude and problems created by the society and the ones who are unable to accept them as humans.

Seema’s writing is outstanding, and the plot she creates is very different from the usual daily soaps we see in our day to day life. Writing on the third gender and presenting it outrageously well was a huge challenge for her but she took the challenge and nailed it.