Pratima Pandey is the wife of Brajesh Pandey Brajesh Pandey produced Shaukeen Kaminay in 2016 w >> Read More... Brajesh Pandey . As far as the concept of Indian wives go she make the perfect example of being a perfect wife; always supportive, and helping her husband in each and every decision made or step taken by him. There is an old saying that ‘Behind every successful man there’s a woman’. So far in their case it has been true. Pratima and Brajesh make a perfect couple, with similar interests, similar job profiles, spending a lot of time with each other, understanding each other’s work, thereby understanding the other, , sharing each other’s failures and success as well. Just like the couple in fiction novels. Brajesh always took care that his lady is not left behind him, and has been a perfect husband.

Pratima while helping her husband had made sure that she also contributes something herself for the work and have created a separate identity of her own even though all the work that had been done by her has been done with her husband. She became a director at MFA Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. in 2014 but she has been involved with Mumbai Film Academy, commonly known as MFA, long before becoming a director. Right now, she is the Joint Managing Director of the same. She has been a part of it since its inception and has worked in a lot of fields like operational management & efficiency, and academic programmes. She has earned a lot of expertise in these areas and it has proved to be a lot of help to other managing directors.

It is when she worked at MFA, she and her husband came in contact with Anil Chorasiya Besides being a director, Anil Chorasiya is also a >> Read More... Anil Chorasiya , who also worked there, and from then the three has grew closer and their friendship is now more thicker than ever before. The trio recently launched a film Shaukeen Kaminay Click to look into! >> Read More... Shaukeen Kaminay which was released in June, 2016. Pratima and her husband being its producer and Anil its director. It was a new experience for all three of them, and they wanted all fresh people so all the actors in the movie are also new, who were also from MFA. This helped in keeping the budget low and enthusiasm high. On 8th June, 2010 Pratima and her husband became directors of Pratima Infotainment Media Communications Pvt. Ltd, when this company was registered. She is working as an active director there.