Parveen Dusanj Hindi Actress

Parween Dusanj is a researcher, model, actor and television Producer. She has the Indian nationality. Her Spouse name is Kabir Bedi Kabir Bedi is well known Indian television and fil >> Read More... Kabir Bedi , Who is also She was born on September 18 and in the year 1975. She was born in the United Kingdom. Her sibling name is Nin Dusanj. Her sister Nin is also a model and wife of actor Aftaab Shivdasani. Parween has six siblings including her. Her grandparents in laws name are Freda Bedi and Baba Pyare Lal Bedi. She is the eldest one among them. Parween is the best friend of Kabir Bedi before entering into the married life. Kabir Bedi was born in Lahore, Pakistan. They both got married in the year 2016. His spouse is the owner of Media Company that has named as BediMedia.

She is the fourth wife of Kabir Bedi as they are including Protima Gupta, Susan Humphreys, Nikki Bedi, and Parween Dusanj. Kabir has already blessed with the two kids with her first wife, Protima. His children's are Pooja Bedi and Siddharth Bedi born in the year 1970 and 1971 respectively. Initially, Parween and Kabir had met in London when Kabir is performing a live event show. Kabir is an Indian television and film actor. Kabir had married with his first wife Protima Bedi in the year 1969. His career and designator have covered three continents including India, the United States and especially Italy and other European countries in media like film, television, and theatre. He has another son Adam Bedi with his 2nd wife Susan Humphreys. Parween's stepson Adam is an International Model, actor and Television presenter.

Parween and Kabir married on Kabir's 70th birthday. Kabir had said at his birthday as well as wedding day that Parween is the blessing for her. In addition, overall these years like 25 in the industry people are able to win Oscar, so he himself said that he is Oscar Canadian now in the IIFA red carpet he has added. She is also an Ambassador at Fashion Revolution India. Parween is 29 years younger than her spouse Kabir. Now she is living in the United Kingdom and doing well. She is active in social media like Instagram. Parween is also content creator a Story Gatherer too. She is an avid reader. She is a fashion icon in her fashion sense. Parween and Kabir own the business and they are a business partner as well of BediMedia.