Tara Sutaria is an Indian vocalist, performing actress and also a dancer. She was born on 19 November in 1995 in the city of Mumbai. She completed courses in many different types of dances like ballet, American dances. She completed her training at the School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance and many other dance academies. She has also been an expert vocalist from the age of seven. She sang in many operas, musical dramas and many music competitions from then. 

Tara began her career with Disney where she worked as a VJ. And with this connection with them she got offered to work in two hit TV serials. She has likewise been composing music for movies and serials in India. She even worked for some music production in some movies and ads abroad. She made many hit songs and composed many hit background scores in movies like Taare Zameen Par, David, and Guzarish. The Song "Slippin' Through My Fingers" which was sung by her is a piece of Ashwin Gidwani Production of the movie Blame It On Yashraj which was directed by Bharat Dhabolkar. She has likewise portrayed the lead character " Sandy " in the musical " GREASE " which was produced by Raell Padmsee.

Tara has composed and performed many solo shows in many cities like London, Lavasa, Tokyo, and Mumbai. She visited India with the Disney Channel, as an ambassador and also a VJ. She has also performed with Mikey McCleary and Louiz Banks. She has additionally been a solo artist for Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble. She sang at the NCPA for over ten years.

Tara has visited all over India with Disney Channel. She was one of the VJs for the show Big Bada Boom in the year 2010. She was also one among the seven finalists in "Pogo Amazing Kids Awards" in the year 2008 for the best singer award. She is additionally portraying the character of Jassie in the TV show Oye Jassie of the Disney Channel India.

Ravi (Music Director) Hindi Actor

Ravi (Music Director)

Ravi Shankar Sharma was an Indian music director whose contribution to the Malayalam and Hindi films can’t be spoken of or just typed. Ravi was born in Delhi to a poor family. He had to work as an electrician, to manage the daily expenses of the family. He grew up with a passion towards music, listening to his father’s bhajans. He did not attend any music classes. He also taught him selves to play the instruments. He decided to go Bombay to become a professional singer in 1950. He worked very hard in Bombay, both in learning, getting an opportunity in the industry, as well as to manage the daily expenses. He got his breakthrough from Vande Mataram song. He was called to sing it for the film. After this, he got many offers from several people. He kept giving hit songs frequently, of which, many earned Filmfare nominations, and a few of them had even won. His notables include Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1960), ‘Gharana’ (1961), Do Badan (1966), ‘Hamraaz’ (1967), ‘Ankhen’ (1968), and ‘Nikaah’ (1982). He has the pride of presenting Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor, etc. to the music world. He then took a long break from 1970 to 1982 after which he made a comeback in the Malayalam industry in the later 80s; when he took the role of music director in his first Malayalam film, ‘Panchagni’. Soon, he started working in other films as well. Regarding his personal life, he has two daughters and a son. His wife passed away in 1986. They were married in 1946. His son is married to a Marathi actress.


Amano Manish

Amano Manish is professional and extremely talented music composer and a guitar player. He was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In his early childhood days, Manish started taking music lessons from Pt. Basant Kabra, the legendary Sarod player. Later he was guided by Pt. Brij Bhushan Kabra. He was highly impressed with his father playing the guitar. He learned to play guitar from the Senia Maihar Gharana tradition, founded by Acharya Allauddin Khan. During his time with Pt. Brij Bhushan Kabra, he made a documentary film called the Guitar Odyssey. The documentary depicted the story of how Pt Basant Kabra became a professional in playing guitar. During 997, Manish moved to Mumbai and started his music career with Pt. Shekhar Borkar, who is also a professional Sarod player. Shekhar taught him a lot of new techniques of playing guitar and helped him to master his technique. Later, he was taught by Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, who took his talent to the public. Manish performed in public and received a lot of recognition. He was also helped by Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya. The world of press tagged him with the title ‘fastest slide guitarist alive’. He later developed three different models of Indian guitar namely Gandharvi, Anandi and Chaturangui. Manish organizes many musical workshops relating to Indian culture and music. He organizes a lot of concerts, both duets, and solo. He has done a lot of concert with Mukti. He performed his first concert with Mukti in the year 2011. Later, he did four more concerts with her in the same year. He also did some international concerts. In 2012, he did a duet with Uday in Colombo, SriLanka. He has done a lot of duet with the band Swaraprayag and Ascension. He recently did a Sufi concert with Pavan Naik and friends on 19th October 2015.

Amano Manish Hindi Actor