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Siddharth Haldipur is known for his duo with Sangeet Haldipur Sangeet Haldipur is an Indian Music Composer. He i >> Read More... , together known as Sangeet- Siddharth. This duo concentrates on music direction. This duo has delivered their talent in music in both the fields of Hindi and Marathi movies and has excelled greatly. Born to the music director, Amar Haldipur Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , who fathered Siddharth and his brother Sangeet, these boys had been happy composing their music after the formation of their band. Later, they decided to follow their father’s footsteps and stepped into Bollywood.

Although he began his journey in Bollywood with movies like Fruit and Nut (2009), soon he got opportunities in high-grossing films like Murder 2, the duo composed songs of Murder 2- ”Aa Zara” and “Tujhko Bhulaana”. Earlier the two brothers performed separately with their respective bands, but later they decided to work out their talents together. As a result, they composed a bank of songs and decided to take those files to the Vishesh Films, keeping in account that Mukesh Bhatt Mukesh Bhatt is an Indian film producer who was bo >> Read More... has got a great taste in songs, and he releases his films with some exceptional songs. This meeting proved out to be in favor of the duo, Sangeet-Siddharth, as Mukeshji fell in love with their composition. It was a fantastic move for Siddharth in his career in Bollywood. He belongs to a family where music is a taste of life; his father has composed music for great films like Raja Babu Click to look into! >> Read More... , Hulchul, Chahat, Keemat, and Ghulam.

Siddharth born and brought up in a family who deals in music and had an inclination towards music. He also belonged to a band named Band of Boys while Sangeet, his duo partner was a member of the band named Aasma. Even though they have started their walks on the paths of Bollywood, Siddharth has been continuing with his band members, keeping his band active.

Besides being a composer, Siddharth has also gained training in playing a violin, a piano and is a trained dancer, following the footsteps of his father who was India’s no. 1 violinist of his times. Siddharth along with Sangeet has also contributed with their composition in an animated movie, Bird Idol in 2010. But due to lack of promotions, the song was not heard much and hence failed to earn popularity.

Siddharth believes that it has been a tough way for the Haldipur brothers in the film industry, because of his father, who has been a successful music director in Bollywood, has got a very renowned position, which in turn increases everybody’s expectations from Siddharth as well as Sangeet, as a music director. In spite of several hurdles, Siddharth as a co-member of Sangeet- Siddharth, had managed to get a few big projects to work on, which include, a song album with Jagjit Singh Jagjit Singh is ‘Ghazal King’ in Indian music. His >> Read More... , Jyotin Goel’s Hum Hain Raahi Car Ke, and a few projects under Vishesh Films.

Siddharth along with his duo partner has bagged the Big Star Young Entertainer Award, in 2012, for their composition “Aa Zara” in Murder 2, which eventually marked the beginning of his Bollywood career. Being a part of the duo Siddharth has composed music for the films like Aatma (2013), Nasha (2013), Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai (novel) in 2012 and Blood Money. As a band member, he has released albums, Yeh Bhi Woh Bhi (2002) and Gaane Bhi Do Yaaro (2006).


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