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Dheerendra Doss

Other names of Dheerendra Doss: Dossmode

Dheerendra Doss, popularly known as Dossmode, is a music producer, composer, and director. He was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Talking about studies, he has completed engineering. He used to do programming and keyboard for Roberto Narain and Vasundhara Das Vasundhara Das is better known as Shakalaka Baby i >> Read More... . It created a problem for completing his degree, but he somehow managed it. During those days, he realised that he was inclined toward music and wanted to pursue his career in music.

Afterward, he worked for Kannada feature films. He has the strength of diverse and unconventional approaches in music production. He composed highly catchy tunes with unique styles of genre fusion. Dheerendra is a ‘one-man army’ that is capable of doing everything related to delivering a finished product, including recording, composing, mixing, producing, and mastering. He played various musical instruments including drums, keyboards, and electronic percussion. He is also a live musician who is often busy with his online performances and composing for films.

Dheerendra is a member of the Bengaluru band. He follows Charan Raj’s work since his work in Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu. He also follows Amit Trivedi Amit Rivedi is a phenomenal musician of the Bollyw >> Read More... , to whom he get introduced through Dev D. As a child, he used to listen to albums by Jon Jovi and Metallica. He collaborated with Supriyaa Ram, Abhinandan David, and Haricharan for a reprised version of Jotheyali. He is popular for Ikkat (2021), Raktaksha (2021), and Paraagan (2023). He has produced and composed music for award winning films, radio spots, web series, and advertisement jingles. He has been active in this industry since 2008.

He has been the founder, producer, and drummer of India’s most popular parody band, “Live Banned,” since July 2011. He has composed music for a Kannada film, Puta Tirugisi Nodi, which screened at the Bengaluru International Film Festival. He bagged this project with great effort after some great musicians, Raghu Dixit Raghu Dixit, born in Mysuru, Karnataka, is a famou >> Read More... and Vasu Dixit Vasu Dixit is a Kannada actor, music director, and >> Read More... . He worked as a music programmer at Vasundhara Das Band from the year 2010 to the year 2014.  He has released an independent music video, Piya Sang.

For a living, he has also did an English voice-over in 2016. He has shown his skills of being an instrumentalist in Katha Sangama Click to look into! >> Read More... feature films(2019), English rhymes (January 2014 to January 2015), Kannada and Hindi rhymes (January 2013 to January 2014), theme music for Android-based games (January 2012 to January 2013), Games music and SFX (January 2008 to January 2009), and Rocky’s Seven Windows (2011). He is fluent in speaking English.