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Rani Padmini was born at Anna Nagar in Chennai to Vishwanathan and Indirakumari. She was born into a family with one brother and one sister as siblings. She was a very popular actress during the 1980s and was a part of Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu films. Her first role was in the movie 'Sangharsham'. She entered the world of Malayalam movies at first. She was successful and played leading roles in films such as Killikonchal (1984), Sharam (1982), Parankimala (1981), Sangarshanam (1981) and Bandhanam (1983).

She then ventured into the Tamil film industry. To do so, she went to Madras along with her mother and they rented a flat in Anna Nagar. Unfortunately, Rani Padmini was not able to make a great impact on the Tamil film industry.

She only acted in the films Villiyanur Matha (1983) and Nirabarathi (1984). However, she did get very close to high-profile politicians and film technicians. She hired a cook, driver, and watchman when she began earning a lot of money. She advertised for these hiring services in a newspaper.Lakshmi Narasimhan got the job of the watchman;Jebaraj got the job of the driver,and Ganesan got the job of the cook. When Rani Padmini was ready to buy a house for herself, she put aside 15 lakhs for it and kept it securely at her flat. Jebaraj came up with a plan to steal this money, and he included Lakshmi Narasimhan and Ganesan in this scheme.

They bought knives and on the morning of 15th October 1986, they attacked Indirakumari (the mother) and killed her. When Rani Padmini heard her mother screaming, she ran into the room but was overpowered and killed by the three men. The three men got a life sentence. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding these arrests. According to people, the men got arrested to protect a person of a high post who had a connection to Rani Padmini.

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