Rajni Chandra is an Indian actress who is best known for her appearances in some commercial movies such as ‘Masoom Chudail’ (2000), ‘Champakali’ (2000), ‘Raat ki Baat’(2000) etc. She worked mostly as a character artist in the movies in which she got opportunities to work with some famous actors/actresses like Moon Moon Sen Moon Moon Sen is the daughter of legendary actress >> Read More... Moon Moon Sen , Shakti Kapoor Personal life: Shakti Kapoor was born in Delhi, In >> Read More... Shakti Kapoor , Manisha Koirala Manisha Koirala, is a Bollywood actress of Nepales >> Read More... Manisha Koirala and Kiran Kumar.

She also acted in some small budget movies such as ‘Daku Bhairav Singh’ (2001), ‘ Laawaris Click to look into! >> Read More... Laawaris ’ (1999), ‘Dalal No.1’ (2000) etc. She worked in an adult movie called ‘Andheri Raaton Mein’ which was released in 2001. Looking at her career, she seems to be stuck with small budgeted hardcore commercial movie, which was mostly targeted to attract masses.

In her new recent avatar as the mother of ‘Lord Rama’ (Played by '' ) Kaushalya, she tried to break her previous image. The ‘ Ramayana Ramayana is a mythology based drama TV show which >> Read More... Ramayana ’ was broadcasted by NDTV Imagine. She successfully transitioned her pre-existing image as she was then seen in a plenty of mainstream television appearances, which earned her a lot of praise from the viewers.

She seems to be constantly experimenting with her multifaceted talent, which leads her to other art forms such as films and Television serials. She also likes to watch other forms of acting such as theatre and playwrights. She has definitely come a long way in the entertainment industry and endlessly aspires to entertain people with her acting skills.