The 31 year old actor, born on 20th October 1983, hails from a family with a strong movie background. His mother Zaheeda Hussain Zaheeda Hussain was born on October 9, 1944. She >> Read More... Zaheeda Hussain was an actress, and country’s first female composer and film producer. Jaddan Bai, was his great grandmother. His grandfather Akthar Hussain played many roles in the film industry including that of director, actor, and producer. He is the grandnephew of successful actors Sunil Dutt Sunil Dutt was a great actor, director, producer, >> Read More... Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt Nargis Dutt was indeed the first lady of Indian sc >> Read More... Nargis Dutt and Sanjay Dutt July 29, 1959, was the day when the two legends of >> Read More... Sanjay Dutt is his next famous uncle.

The family history makes it pretty obvious that Nilesh was somehow destined to become an actor but he hates being under the shadow of his famous relatives. He has made his discomfort, at being called Sanjay Dutt’s nephew, public during interviews and he once stated in an interview that he doesn’t want to be called as Sanjay Dutt’s nephew all his life. The young actor made his film debut through the film ‘ Angel Click to look into! >> Read More... Angel ’ in 2011 and the movie was directed by Ganesh Acharya Ganesh Acharya is an Indian choreographer, who is >> Read More... Ganesh Acharya . Even though many of the Dutt family members were present at the movie launch, Sanjay Dutt’s absence was highly noticed and Nilesh later explained that he didn’t invite Sanjay Dutt since he felt it to be a shame for him to hunt for success under his uncle’s banner.

However, despite having a strong family background, the actor failed to find a solid base in the film industry and he couldn’t bag anymore movies after his first film. He is currently attending a course on direction and is working on a feature film.