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K N Singh

Other names of K N Singh: Krishan Niranjan Singh
K N Singh Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 01-09-1908
  • Date of death: 31-01-2000
  • Star Sign : Virgo

The evergreen talented legendary actor of Bollywood film industry, Krishan Niranjan Singh was born on September 1 in the year 1908 in the beautiful and compact city Dehradun. He was a dangerous villain of Indian film industry. He had always put himself perfectly in his terrific, horrible acting as a villain in his movies but in real life, he was such a great personality and opposite of his character as a villain. For his terrific and notorious acting in his every flick, he is well known among the people of India as their own K.N.Singh.

His father, Chandi Prasad Singh was a renowned criminal lawyer of British India. Krishan Niranjan Singh was from a royal family of that time. His father always wanted him to be like him, a great lawyer, as he was the eldest son of his family and never supported him to achieve his dream as an actor atin that time. But in his early age, he was proficient in sports and had an enthusiasm and passion for being an army officer. Krishan Niranjan Singh had  proved himself in the sports like Javelin throws and shot put. The multi-talented magical man Krishan Niranjan Singh had got a chance to stand for India as a champion in Berlin Olympics in the year 1936, but unfortunately, due to some personal reasons, he could not attend the Berlin Olympics, which was a great loss in his sports career. As the destiny for him has changed and he swung his mind from sports to the field of acting with the help of his friend and made his debut in a film Sunehra Sansar in the year 1936 and became the legendary actor of Indian film Industry. The movie Baghban was the milestone of his career and in which he had portrayed himself as India’s best villain of that era. During his acting career, he had acted in more than 200 commercial movies with blockbuster records.

He got married to Chandravati Singh and adopted a son, Pushkar, who is now a famous director. The magical man had lost his sight in his old age and breathed his last breath on January 31 in the year 2000 in Mumbai. The legendary actor always remains in the heart of every Indian through his magical acting and humble nature.

Another Version of the Bio...

Krishan niranjan was born on September 1, 1908. His father was a famous criminal lawyer. He was a famous Sportsman who was once interested in joining Army. He was expected to shine in his father's profession but his father was turned out him from his profession. He became well trained in throwing Javelin and shot put. He then got chance to took part in Berlin Olympics which took place in the year 1936.But before that he went to Calcutta to attend the function for his sister. There he was introduced to Debaki Bose who was a director by his friend Prithiviraj kapoor. That made him to make his first appearance in the film industry as a debut for the movie Sunehra Sansar by the year 1936. His movies not a big level success till he acted in the movie Baghban by the year 1938.

In that movie, Baghban he played the role of leading villains that was a blockbuster hit to him. The following year from 1940 to 1950, he acted in several talkies like in sikandar, Amrapali, Jwar Bhata, Humayun etc. Rather playing as a Angry villain he played the high class villian role with suit with smoking pipe. He also played popular roles in the talkies like Jhoota Kahin Ka, Haathi Mere Saathi and Mere Jeevan Saathi. He then acted only in limited number of movies between 1970's.After that his last movie was Woh Din Aayega. He married Chandravati singh. They have no children so he adopted his sibling’s child as his child. Pushkar was their adopted son who was the child of his brother Bikram. He lost his vision during his old age. He was took care by his son Pushkar. He was the television serial producer. His first movie was Baghban which was made in the year 1983. It was a Hindi talkie directed by A.R.Kardar. It was the first movie for Kardar. He played the role of Ranjit.

He played the negative role in the movie. By the year 1939, he starred in the movie Aap Ki Marzi which was a romantic Comedy film. Then by the year 1945, He starred in the talkie Humayan. He played the role as Jai singh. The film may a highest collection in Indian movie industry. In 1980, he acted in the movie Dostana which is an action movie. He played as a role of judge. He played the role Inspector Mathura in the movie Himmat. The movie was made in the year 1970 which was a Telugu remake movie.

Another Version of the Bio...

K.N Singh was an Indian film and television actor known for his work in Hindi cinema. He was born on September 1, 1908, in Lahore, British India (now in Pakistan). He began his acting career in the 1940s and went on to become one of the most sought-after character actors in the Hindi film industry. K.N Singh is known for his iconic villainous roles in films such as "Aan" (1952), "Shree 420" (1955), and "Mughal-E-Azam" (1960). He also acted in several other popular films such as "Barsaat Ki Raat" (1960), " Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi "Chalti- ka-naam-gadi" TV serial was based on a un >> Read More... " (1958), and "Dil Diya Dard Liya" (1966).

He was equally adept at playing positive roles and delivered memorable performances in films such as "Daag" (1952) and " Amar Click to look into! >> Read More... " (1954). Apart from films, K.N Singh also acted in several popular television shows in the 1980s and 1990s. He played the role of the grandfather in the hit TV show " Nukkad Nukkad is a prominent Hindi serial, broadcasted on >> Read More... " (1986) and also appeared in shows such as " Malgudi Days Click to look into! >> Read More... " (1987) and " Param Vir Chakra ‘Param Vir Chakra’ is a TV serial based on the lif >> Read More... " (1988). K.N Singh was known for his powerful screen presence and his ability to bring depth and nuance to his characters. He was one of the most respected actors of his time and was considered a role model by many aspiring actors.