Akbar Khan is the younger son of Feroz Khan Feroz Khan is a legendary Indian film actor, edito >> Read More... Feroz Khan and Sanjay Khan An actor, director, and a producer Sanjay Khan is >> Read More... Sanjay Khan (also known as Abbas Khan Abbas Khan is an Indian television actor who is mo >> Read More... Abbas Khan ), who are well-known personalities in the media as filmmakers. Akbar is a director, screenplay writer, actor, and a producer. He made his debut in the 1974 film ‘Anjan Rahain’ where Feroz Khan played the lead. He was also an assistant director under well-known personalities.

He also assisted his brother Feroz in ‘Apradh’. He then made his directorial debut with ‘Haadsa’ where he played the protagonist himself. After doing multiple films as an actor, he was a cast in a movie under Sanjay Khan’s direction, ‘Kala Dhanda Gorey Log’. His debut on television was Sanjay Khan’s TV series, ‘ The Sword of Tipu Sultan The Sword of Tipu Sultan was a historical drama se >> Read More... The Sword of Tipu Sultan ’, of which Akbar directed 20 episodes.

This TV series is considered to be the most appreciated TV show based on history. His next TV show was a cult classic, ‘ Akbar The Great This series was a touching narrative of "Jalaluddi >> Read More... Akbar The Great ’, where he was the director, producer, and the lead. After the India-Pakistan conflict of 1965, Akbar’s ‘Taj Mahal-An Eternal Love Story’ was the first movie to make it to Pakistani cinema.

It was immensely appreciated in the entire international platform though it didn’t do that well in India. Akbar also went to Pakistan with his family for the movie promotion. He plans to re-release the movie in India because many people couldn’t recognize it. ‘Taj Mahal’ was the biggest budget movie of its time in 2005, worth 60 crores. He played the cast in 2011 Vashu Bhagnani’s venture ‘ FALTU Click to look into! >> Read More... FALTU ’ and the lead in ‘Faraar’. He is married to Maryam Akbar, who is a jewellery designer and has two kids with her, Aliya and Abraiz. He lives in Juhu near to his brother Feroz’s place.

Ajay Rohila Hindi Actor

Ajay Rohila

Ajay Rohila is a Hindi film Actor of India. He is known among the masses for his villainous roles in the motion pictures such as Dum Maaro Dum, Satya, and The Warrior. One of Rohila’s  many roles was playing one of the villains in Bandit Queen, a movie based on the life of villager-turned-dacoit Phoolan Devi. The ‘higher caste’ men of her village sexually abuse her. She turns into a dacoit as revenge.  Rohila was known for his aggressive roles on video. He was a part of highly acclaimed movies such as Black Friday and Mangal Pandey- The Rising. Black Friday described the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993. It was a very controversial film, and the makers could release it only three years after its making in 2007. Mangal Pandey- The Rising was the story of Mangal Pandey, an Indian freedom fighter who is known for his role in the Indian Mutiny of 1857.  Some other movies Rohila did were Thakshak, Satta, and Supari. Dum Maaro Dum of 2011, Satya of 1998 and The Warrior of 2004 are the pictures through which he earned real fame. Dum Maaro Dum is a Hindi crime film, which was directed by the talented Ramesh Sippy. It stars Bipasha Basu, Abhishek Bachchan, and Prateik Babbar along with Ajay Rohila in a small role.    Satya released to the public in 1998 and was a crime movie like Dum Maaro Dum. It was directed by the famous Ram Gopal Verma with Anurag Kashyap and Saurabh Shukla helping him with screenplay and dialogues. The Warrior has Irfan Khan in its lead role and narrates the story of a warrior who has renounced the world of violence but has to face everything once again. The Warrior won numerous awards. Rohila worked in several television serials along with films. He used to play the role of Archana’s Father (one of the lead characters) in the Hindi daily soap titled Pavitra Rishta until Kishori Govind Mahabole replaced him. According to the makers of the show, it happened because he did not have typical Marathi looks. He came back to acting in television programs with Jamunia, a production of Beyond Dreamz and aired on Imagine TV.  Stories of Rabindranath Tagore was a show being broadcast on television in which he took part too. He worked with an episode which tells the story of an orphan girl who is looked down upon and abused. Subhangi Atre and Sunil Sinha were his co- actors in this episode.  


Akbar Subhani

Akbar Subhani is a Pakistani actor known for his works in various movies and television series. He is the son of Subhani Ba yunus, a late actor. In 1992, Akbar was cast in ‘Sitara Aur Mehr-Un-Nisa’. He played the role of Irfan in this TV series. It was a Pakistani serial in the Urdu language about two cousins and their problems post marriage. The role of ‘Sitara’ was played by ‘Atiqa Odho’, and the role of ‘Mehrunnisa’ was played by ‘Saania Saeed’. It was a popular show amongst the Pakistani audience. He did a short film called ‘Special Drink’ aka Mystery Theatre in 2002. It was released in Pakistan in English, Hindi, and Urdu languages. He played a role of Hotel Owner in the movie. It was a 20-minute long TV movie. He was cast as ‘Gullo’ in the TV movie, ‘Mahnoor’ released in the year 2004. The movie was directed by ‘Adnan Wai Qureshi’. It was released in the UK in Urdu, English and Hindi languages. In the same year, he was seen as ‘Qadir’ (servant) in the TV movie, Born Forbidden aka ‘Mehar-un-Nisa’. Directed by Kamraan Qureshi, the movie was written by ‘Hareem Qureshi’ and produced by ‘Iram Qureshi’. He was seen in three episodes of the TV series ‘Moorat’ aka Eunuch’s Wedding in 2004. The series had altogether 33 episodes and was on the air from 2004 through 2005. He played the role of ‘Karamat’ in the three episodes of the TV series. He did another TV series called ‘Makan’ aka Home a Heaven as ‘Bao Jee’. The TV series aired for one season in 2006. Akbar was seen in six of the episodes of the TV series. From 2005 through 2006, ‘Riyasat’ aka Kingdom of Hearts TV series was aired. Akbar was seen in six episodes of this serial portraying the role of ‘Shani’s’ father. In 2007, he was cast in the TV movie, ‘Dowry List’. This movie was also directed by ‘Adnan Wai Qureshi’. Akbar played the role of ‘Moladad’. It was a 42 minutes-long TV movie released in Pakistan, UK, and the USA. He was cast in a comedy TV series called ‘Perfume Chowk’ in 2010. He was seen as an old artist in the movie; ‘Josh’ released in the year 2013. He also did a movie called ‘Manto’. He has received Best Actor in the category of Supporting Role at the ‘ARY Film Awards’ for his role in ‘Manto’. He also received a nomination at the 2nd ‘ARY Film Awards’.

Akbar Subhani Hindi Actor