Varun Mehra is a Hindi movie actor who acted in Chal Bhaag, released in 2014 along with Deepak Dobriyal and Tarun Bajaj. The movie is a comedy film revolving around three troublemakers and a fake encounter.

Varun essayed a peculiar role in this movie that deals with bogus encounters of police in a humorous manner. This film failed miserably at the box office. 

Vijay Kadam Hindi Actor

Vijay Kadam

Vijay Kadam is an Indian actor who works primarily in the Marathi film industry. Son of the famous music composer Ram Kadam, Vijay Kadam is an actor who made his debut in the Marathi movie Amhi Doghe Raja Rani, in the year 1986, and then continued to rise in popularity with his next film Anandi Anand in 1987.  Now known as a ‘veteran Marathi actor,' Vijay Kadam also starred in the movie Naag Devtaa in 2004 and then in the movie Chashme Bahaddar in the year 2006, which fetched him a lot of fans because of the movie’s overall success. Vijay Kadam also starred in movies like Bollywood Hero in the year 2009, Carry On Deshpande in the year 2015, and then Dhurandhar Bhatwsekar in the same year of 2015.  Vijay Kadam also plays a role in the Hindi TV show Madhubala. In the upcoming years, Vijay Kadam doesn’t plan on taking a break and is instead working hard on his two future films Chati Mi Tula and Mohar, that are set to release in the early part of the year 2016.  Vijay Kadam has also associated himself with Bollywood and Hindi television. He has worked in Hindi movies like Tere Mere Sapne in the year 1996 and the acclaimed movie Revati in the year of 2005. Vijay Kadam is also known for his friendship with Laxmikant Berde, with whom he has appeared in three movies altogether – Amhi Doge Raja Ram in 1986, Irasaal Karti in the year 1987, and Dekhni Bayko Namyachi in the year 2001 – all of which were well embraced by the Marathi audiences and universally enjoyed.