Guru Thakur is a versatile actor, playwright, poet, lyricist as well as a scriptwriter in Marathi cinema. He was born on 18 July in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has lived most of his life in Mumbai. Talking about his versatility, he was a newspaper columnist along with an amazing caricaturist, cartoonist, and voiceover artist. He has written for various Marathi newspapers like Navakaal, Pudhari, Tarun Bharat, and Maharashtra Times. He has written scripts for various well-known Marathi serials and movies. Also, he has given lyrics to various songs including some of the finest Marathi songs.

He is the lyricist of some of the prime-time Marathi serials. They include Hasa Chakat Phu (2002), Kulavadhu (2010), Yeh Jivan Hai on Doordarshan Sahayadri, Prajakta (2010), and Asambhav (2007). Along with Tv serials, Thakur has written lyrics for a few Marathi theater plays as well. They include Tu Tu Mi Mi (1999), Bhaiyya Haat Play Pasari (2006), Aata Hounach Jau Dya (2000), etc. He is associated with writing lyrics of more than fifty movies. His contemporary style of words has been well appreciated by the audience. The critics too have appreciated his work and have honored with some of the main awards in the organization of poets.

He has been associated with major Marathi movies like Aga Bai Arrecha (2004). Matichya Chuli was another big hit movie released in 2006. Anolkhi He Ghar Majhe (2009), Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy (2010), Natrang (2010), Teecha Baap Thyacha Baap (2011), etc. were some of the famous movies he worked for. He has written multiple songs that have stuck in the minds of the audience for a long time. Khel Mandala, a song from the movie Natarang has been rewarded by people and the critics. He has written many songs for the music director duo, Ajay-Atul. They include songs like Man Udhan Varyache, Changbhala, Kali Dharati, Natarang Ubha, Vajale Ki Bara, etc.

All these songs went on to become the big Marathi hits gaining him a lot of fame and appreciation. He has written songs for many other music directors summing up with almost 30 songs. Along with lyrics, he has written the script and dialogue for TV serials like Jagavegali, Misha, movies like Natarang, Narbaachi Waadi, etc. he has acted in some of the serials and movies, Natarang and Ganvesh. For his constant big-hit songs and contemporary style of poetry, Guru Thakur has received major honors like Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Indian Music Academy Award, Chitrapati V. Shantaram Award, Akhil Bhartiya Sahitya Parishad Award and much more.