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Sreejith Jeevan

Other names of Sreejith Jeevan: Shreejith Jeevan

Sreejith Jeevan is a young, passionate and prominent fashion designer in India. He is a keeper of the label, Rouka. He is basically from Kochi and attended NID Ahmedabad. He had no childhood zeal towards fashion designing. It was after his School Principal advised him to take admission in NID Ahmedabad college. He had no idea about it, he started searching and finally got through the entrance and reached NID. But he was influenced by his own hometown and wanted to return to it. He returned to Kochi and wanted to create his very owned label. He initiated the label he could believe in and could stand for but not just selling it. As an experiment, they decided to hold an exhibition in Kochi at David Hall Art Gallery.

Their creativeness was noticed soon after their first exhibition. They hung the clothes from ceiling symbolising rain since, the title allotted was weather forecast. Soon he got selected for Lakme Fashion week. They were a group of five Gen Next fashion designers under the mentorship of Anita Dogre, one of the illustrious fashion designers of India. This was the critical moment of his career since, the exhibition of this magnitude was enough to bolster up his label. He has show-cased for more than four times in Lakme Fashion week and it has been a commendable work of ideal showpieces. His brand also embodied one of the character in the movie, Bangalore days. Shreejith was more than thrilled to have an opportunity to share his talent with the very popular Anjali Menon Anjali Menon is a Malayalam film director who came >> Read More... . Shreejith also started his Men’s wear which received a praiseworthy response from the customers. He worked on the home décor projects as well.

They are planning to bring out the kid’s wear collection in their next step on ladder of fashion. Shreejith’s brand was successful in running victoriously due to its uniqueness. They are organic fabrics. The fabric could be recycled or made out of recycled products, they used the handwoven framework too. They focus on developing the skills of artisans and making the clothes from heart to connect to the customers and provide them with the sustainable and affordable clothes. The brand has done almost no marketing and people have showered their love to the brand due to its ethnicity and presence of tinch of culture of Kochi. The brand has been comprehended by the customers and viewers. Shreejiths dazzles his designs with natural views he witnesses with his eyes. The tremendously beautiful designs make his work paragon of efficiency.


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