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Hindi Fashion Designer Rina Dhaka
  • DOB : 22-10
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

As most of the fashion freaks know, that the very famous 38 years old Rina Dhaka also known as ‘The Goddess of Oomph’, is an Indian Fashion designer who was born on 22nd October with a star sign Libra; styles up the clothes with a lot of fun but who also has an experience not only in western designs but also in the Separates and Theme collections. She undoubtedly, has expanded the Indian designs with Western knit fabrics.

Actually she is a designer who is willing to take risks and she absolutely proved this statement by one of her collections in which she mixed up indian outfits with western designs to give a great outlook! This amazing fashion designer won the Yuva Ratan award in 1993 and also cherished her most proud moment of winning the Best Designer Award at the Miami fashion week in 2004. Also to mention her first and foremost success of her life, was 'The best of Indian Haute Couture’ in which she met with a thumping success.

Later, she was also seen in a TV show which basically was focusing on Fashion in India and different cities. This show was channelised on Fox Traveler, named as 'Style and the City’. In 2015, she was one of the most famous fashion designers in the India Bridal Fashion Week.

She also reflects her kind personality by doing such causes like in 2015, she posted a picture of her on Facebook in which she was seen inaugurating a school opened by her ex student itself in Lucknow where girls were empowered in the art of Chikan Kari technique which is equivalent to learnings in big fashion colleges. After reading to all of these aspects of her life, it is quite difficult to predict her past as a child.

She belonged to a family where these kind of fashionable things, either for lifestyle or for career were not allowed. Infact Dhaka herself says that when her father came to know about her initial step taken by herself for her fashion career, he didnt talk to her for about an year. But as she was very clear about her goal and ambition, she decided to go ahead to desire and fulfill her independent living.

Basically, she aspired it big since her young age. After being a graduate, she did a training with Intercraft, which she didnt think to be enough; so she also got trained under Evan Grandhal. At this time only Mutiny and Ensemble were cropping up as Fashion houses. So Rina tried her luck for thse houses and her designs were appreciated. This paved way to her entry into the dynamic fashion world

There were many boosters in Rina's life but the biggest one of them was when she got rewarded by Rohit Khosla for one of her Miss India Miss India was a TV serial that was aired on Doord >> Read More... designs. This was the basic act which encouraged Rina. But coming to a conclusion, that inspite of suffering the problems a woman in every indian family does, she faced everything positively and so now today, she is fulfilling her dreams and desires of an independent and awesome living!


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