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Abu Jani is an eminent fashion cum interior designer from India. He became famous in the world of fashion in 2015, he along with , presented their retro collections at the Lakme Fashion Week. Abu Jani was born in Mumbai,in a Bohra Muslim family, who were fascinated towards the glamorous fashion world. His upbringing was an exposure of lavish lifestyle attached to the fashion designers of the high society inf Mumbai. It was the reason which widened his vision with women couturier in an era when fashion designing was not at all profession.

His upbringing forced him to be interested in this field. Before diving into the ocean of fashion designing, he was working as a distributor for the anti-corrosion leaflets in a local gas company when he was only 17 years old. As a student, Abu Jani was not at all academic. Rather his books and notebooks were full of sketches and doodles, which were the signs of a born artist. He applied for a course in an Art School after graduation. But his applicationwas rejected by the school. Fortunately, a blessing in disguise forwarded him to the world of fashion designing.

Like other designers of that period, Abu Jani started his journey of designing with Xerxes Bhatena, who was a famous costume designer for films of that era. As a disciplined professional, he collected lots of clients for his work. One of his clients offered a place at Juhu to open a boutique of his own. But Abu hesitated to start a business without any assistance.

Meanwhile, in 1986, he met another fashion designer Sandeep Khosla, who was also working with Xerxes Bhatena. Abu met Sandeep at the residence of a mutual friend. This duo decided to work together and opened their first boutique named as “Mata Hari.” According toa recent survey, the name of both the designers is among the top ten Indian fashion designers. Without any training,they have achieved new heights in ethnic fashion.

The renowned film actress Dimple Kapadia Regarded as the wife of the first superstar of Hin >> Read More... Dimple Kapadia was their first celebrity-client. From then on they have never looked back. Personally, for Abu Jani, the Epic Bachchan Family is still finding him for every Award Nights to wear his designer dresses. Abu concepts and sketches each single garment, beit about the fabric, the embroideries or the colour palette. As a fashion designer,Abu Jani has created storms in the fashion world. All his designed dresses whether it may be a saree or an embellished long gown, are classical all the way with amyriad of colours.

Anybody can look resplendent after wearing his designs. The public and media applauded Abu for his work in movies like Devdas, Raju Ban Gaya Gentle Man, and Khoon Bhari Maang. About working with Sandeep, Abu tells that they believe in big dreams and hard work. They believe in sweat, blood, and tears. Any of them have never allowed their circumstances to lead over their ambition. They have worked without any planning or path making to reach their goal. They have just worked loyally and are blessed with so many celebrities as their clients. As he says, their customers are in love with their creations and bought their designs both in India and abroad also.