Vishan Yadav is a cinematographer, Editor, actor, and director. He is working with the Hindi film Industry. Vishan is also the director of photography and producer by profession. He did projects as Ok Mein Dhokhe in the year 2016, and Ghayal Tere Pyar Main in the year 2014. He is associated with the Lotus Media & Films Company. Vishan did several roles in his career. He did some projects as a director, Producer, and director of photography with this company. He did Ghayal Tere Pyar Main in the year 2014. It has a genre action, adventure and drama. Vishan did another film Ok Mein Dhokhe as a cinematographer. Its release date is September 9 and the year is 2016.

The cast and crew list include as per given information is Milan Singh, Sapan Krishna, Zoya Rathore, Utpal S Chaudhary, Baba Jagirdar, Tabassum Shaikh, Chinni Chetan, Sawan Hussain, Ravikumar Thakur, Menka Lalwani, Smita Adhikari, Vishan Yadav, Saniya Chaudhary and many more. Vishan Yadav is also a camera operator. Chinni Chetan is also a cinematographer. Baba Jagirdar did the music direction. Sapan Krishna and Zoya Rathore did the acting in it. Noushin Shaikh is the costume designer. Bhupesh Salaskar is the art director in the movie. Ahmed Siddiqui has written the lyrics, as he is a lyricist. Ahmed Siddiqui has also written the dialogues and screenplay. It shot under the banner of Lotus Media & Company. Rajdular R Mishra is the Production Manager.

Vishan Yadav has established his career as a director with the film Ok Main Dhokhe. Apart from others, Vijay Raj Memon and Vaidhei Singh also did the supporting roles. Music label has attached as Meow Music Company. Smita Adhikari, Sawan Hussain, Saira Khan has given their voice for songs. It shot in the Hindi language. It has six songs on it. The list includes as Main Nasha Hu Nasha ft Zoya Rathore, Utpal Shyam, and Sapan Krishna, Meri Talash Hai Tu by Zoya Rathore, Utpal Shyam Chaudhary, Din Mein Hain Taare Dikhte item number by Utpal Shyam and Zoya Rathore, Ok Mein Dhikhe- Bengali version ft Zoya Rathore. The songs are available on Youtube video channel. Other songs are Pi Le Ghat Ka Pani that has filmed on Utpal Chaudhary, Vaidehi Singh and Zoya Rathore, Ok Mein Dhokhe-Title Song, Sexy Sexy Pani that has made on Megha Verma, Milan Singh and Vaidehi Singh. These songs are also available on Bollywood Hungama.

Jasmine DSouza

Indian-born Jasmine D’Souza is a model who is contributing to the growth of the movie industry through her passion and determination. She is talented and focused on achieving goals. Jasmine is also a model, whose fame has spread throughout the entertainment milieu. She garnered the Gladrags Mrs. India title in 2001. She makes her debut into the entertainment industry as a model. Jasmine D’Souza’s performance in all her projects is great, and captivates the interest of every audience. The beginning of Jasmine’s career in the fashion industry, paves the way for the rise of this actress within the entertainment milieu. Jasmine D’Souza accepts her first project with a brand called Lakme. Jasmine’s performance is instrumental in the growth of Lakme, and this increases the fame of this star. Jasmine D’Souza then proceeds to execute another contract as a model for Colgate (A company that provides toothpaste).During that period, Jasmine takes part in the advertisements of Colgate, which always terminate successfully, due to the charisma and beauty of this icon. She later actively participates in the advertisement of “Lux Soap,” in which her talent continues radiating, and attracting the viewers, who develop an affinity for the product, “Lux Soap.” Jasmine’s grandeur keeps increasing, as more companies become aware of D’Souza’s qualities of a model. Mitsubishi Lancer, a company that specializes in the manufacture of cars, decides to invite Jasmine, and propose a contract to her. Jasmine D’Souza’s role is to act as a model for the campaigns of Mitsubishi Lancer, especially those relating to advertisements of their project. Jasmine participates in these programs, and the results are exceptional. Jasmine proceeds to get a contract with Sunsilk and Nescafe. Just like with the other companies, this model actively takes part in the advertisement of these company’s products. She maintains a performance that is worth noting in all the activities of Nescafe and Sunsilk. Brands like “World Gold Council,” also demonstrate their interests in working with Jasmine D’Souza, and the model is given a temporary employment to perform the role of an Ambassador for “World Gold Council.” Her greatest achievement as a model is the prestigious Miss India Award in 2001. Jasmine’s beauty and determination, are the reasons behind the success she continues recording. Jasmine also features as a host for a show on television. Jasmine D’Souza always mesmerizes the audience, when she mounts the stage. Jasmine is a director for the movie titled “One Night Stand,” whose release takes place in 2016. She plays the role of an actress in the movie titled ‘’88 Antop Hill.” Director Kushan Nandy is responsible for supervising Jasmine in the course of this film. Jasmine D’Souza is married, and her son is 11 years old.

Jasmine DSouza Hindi Actress