K P Kumaran is one of the talented film makers. He is well recognized for his efforts in making films which have in depth relevance with the social issues. In addition to directing films, he also wrote scripts for other directors' movies. His movies always have been talking about issues and solutions in relation with women empowerment. They clearly reflect what the issue is and what is triggering these problems. One of his movies Atithi (1974) was described as one of the finest films ever made in Malayalam to address those decisions which are forced on women in India. This movie basically talks about a woman who is strong enough to free herself from an indecisive husband. K P Kumaran was very much appreciated for the exceptional narration of how the woman takes charge of her own destiny and makes to it. His very first venture was a short film "Rock". This movie was praised at the international film festival. This movie received "coveted gold medal" at the 72nd Asia film festivals. After making several movies to cover various issues, Kumaran again made his eyes sharp for another directorial hit. He directed a movie by name "Rugmini" in 1989, is a story of a child prostitute. This movie was portrayed so well that it had won several awards. Thotram is another extra-ordinary movie which is made to highlight a conventional tribal story. This movie speaks about a young woman who is mistaken as a deity by her own tribal group and she tries to resist it, as it is not her belief. These are the kind of versatile efforts that make directors unforgettable. With the kind of films he made, Kumaran always had a point to make about the devilish side of the society. His latest movie Aakasha Gopuram in 2008 has been widely appreciated for its freshness in story and uniqueness in direction.