Sawan Hussain is an Indian playback singer, popular amongst the regional audience for his work on the soundtracks of movies like Ok Mein Dhokhe (2016), Tera Nasha Click to look into! >> Read More... Tera Nasha (2018), etc. Mostly known for his major involvement in the music albums of Bollywood movies, Sawan has been a prominent part of the Indian film and music industry for more than seven years now.

The year 2016 was a vital one for Sawan as he made his first decisive contribution on the silver screen as a playback singer with the film Ok Mein Dhoke, directed by Utpal Chaudhary. Over the years, Sawan’s tracks have been released on some renowned record labels including “Dream Series.

G. M. Durrani Hindi Actor

G. M. Durrani

Gulam Mustafa Durrani was the famous poet, playback singer, music director, actor and music director, and an Indian radio drama artist. He was also known as GMD Sahab, Durrani Sahab, GM Sahab, and G. M. Durrani. He was born in 1919 in Peshawar British India. His nationality is Indian. He was a Pathan (Pashtun). His father's name is Mohhamad Zai Durrani Kabila. His father was educated in his family and had a very artistic mind as well. His mother passed away in his childhood. His father was very strict and most of the time showed anger. His grandmother used to save him from his father. However, she could not escape him from father's anger. He was born in a very conservative family. In his family, the tea is not a preferable drink, but they preferred milk and lassi. He had a very nice, voice so the people around him used to say that he must go to Mumbai. He also wanted to become an actor and the thought crossed his mind. Durrani had a Bollywood guru named as Sohrab Modi. Durrani married with the Jyoti, who was also a singer and sung many songs with Durrani Jyot's real name was ‘Sitara Devi.' They fell in love and after some time got married. Jyoti is the younger sibling of actor Wahidan. His singing career started from Akashvani (Radio broadcaster). Sohrab Modi, his guru gave him chance, during 1935 to 1936 in the movie Said-e-Havas. In which he wrote a ghazal for a classical musician Bundu Khan. Bundu Khan is popularly known as ‘'Taan-Talwar.'' The English Translation of this Ghazal: "The meaning happy-go-lucky people imbibe liquor for euphoria but I drink because my first morsel of food had a drop of liquor in it." After some time he had started working in the Delhi Akashvani radio broadcaster and here he met with the Behzad Lakhanawi, who have sung many ghazals with the queen of ghazals Begum Akhtar. From here, he returned to Mumbai and started his work as a drama artist. In 1939-40s when playback singing was started, he was the first singer to sing a song for movie ‘Bahurani.' He was the idol of Mohammad Rafi. In 1944, Rafi recorded his first Hindi language song for the film Gaon Ki Gori (1944) for Shyam Sunder, "Aji Dil Ho Kaaboo Mein to Dildaar Ki Aisi Taisi", with G. M. Durrani and chorus. He also worked with the many famous singers.


Smita Adhikari

Smita Adhikari is an Indian singer who was also a former contestant on the singing reality show Indian Idol. She was among the top finalists which included Emon Chatterjee, Meyang Chang, Prashant Tamang, etc. in the third season of the show, which was aired in 2007. It is an Indian version of the American show American Idol. The show was judged by eminent personalities from the Bollywood music industry, singers Udit Narayan and Alisha Chinoy, music director Anu Malik and writer Javed Akhtar. The show was hosted by actor and VJs Mini Mathur and Hussain Kuwajerwala. Smita Adhikari is from a Bengali musical family from Kolkata, West Bengal. Both her parents are singers, and it lead her to take up singing from a very early age. She has spent her growing years in Kolkata. She has been trained in classical music and has been singing for more than 20 years. She had done her graduation from Calcutta University. Smita had already sung in a lot of Bengali albums before entering the reality show. She was one of the most adaptable singers in the competition and was always appreciated by the judges. Apart from classical, she had also performed songs of various genres which proved that she was a passionate and well-trained singer. Despite her melodious voice, there had been comments about her appearance, which had lead to her losing confidence in herself which affected her performance in the competition. The comments were criticized by the audience nationwide, but Smita didn't take it negatively instead she tried to improve herself. That's when Alisha Chinoy, who was one of the judges, suggested her for a makeover and a confidence building session to boost her esteem. Her makeover was appreciated both by the judges and the audience. Though she didn't win the show, she had made an impact in the minds of the audience through her singing. She is currently singing for regional movies, mainly Bengali, Bhojpuri and Haryanvi and has sung songs like Ki Kore ma nei je upay, Aa ja Sajan (Beta Hoke Ta Aisan), Mata rani ji ke Sotho singar, Ye Pal Do Pal Ka Pyaar (Ye Kaisa Pal Do Pal Ka Pyaar), Morang Morang Sunaiu Re , Jaise Kaanch Re Karachiya (Jat Jatin), Bhaiyya Malahawa Re Naiya (Jat Jatin), Andhan Ka Pani (Gaon Ke Lal), etc. She had also sung the title track of a Hindi TV serial Geet.

Smita Adhikari Hindi Actress