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Sanghamitra Chaudhari

Sanghamitra Chaudhari is a film director. She has directed the movies named “Strings of Passion.” Strings of Passion movie is a Hindi film which got released in 2014. The producers of this movie are Tricolours Entertainment, Mithuntara Movies, and Eon Films. The movie Strings of Passion starring Zeenat Aman, Indrani Haldar, Rajesh Sharma, Shubh Mukherjee, Avalok Nagpal, Paru Gambhir, Amit Sarkar and Sangita Sonali was a great hit. The movie portrays the story of three men named Neel, Aman, and Amit. These three young men are dynamic and have a group band named Strings of Passion. They get into bad influence and get addicted to drugs. They are also under the influence of broken love life and bad guardianship. The acting of every actor in the movie had been praised. It was a great movie just because of the acting skills of all the actors of the film. Sanghamitra Chaudhari’s work was appreciated as she made such a brave movie fearlessly. The cinematography and camera work in the movie was the weak and negative point of the movie. Otherwise the plot and the acting of the movie were great. Sanghamitra Chaudhari made a mistake by choosing the wrong person for the camera work. The movie has six lovely songs which were shot in the interiors of Kolkata and Mumbai. Sanghamitra Chaudhari is an amazing director. She has worked with very popular actors. The movie “Strings of Passion” has been nominated in many International Film Festivals and it also won five awards including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film and Best Editor. Sanghamitra has shown her talent in her debut movie amazingly. This movie was also a great comeback for the beautiful and popular actress Zeenat Aman. Sanghamitra said that she have made the film based on the research work and interviews of directors, cast, producers and the actors who desperately want to work in Hindi films and had been sexually exploited. She has done a great work in this film, and her work had been appreciated by everyone. This movie as a debut was a life turning event. She has been praised by all. The story of the movie was very interesting, and the actors she roped in for the movie were also perfect for their respective roles. There is perfection in the work of Sanghamitra Chaudhari. She is a dedicated film director and made this film on a social cause and after doing a lot of research work.

Sanghamitra Chaudhari Hindi Actress