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Aanand Raut Hindi Actor

Aanand Raut

Aanand Raut is a renowned Bollywood producer and director who made his film journey after being associated with Balaji Productions. He made his debut with a Hindi feature film ‘Luckhnowi Ishq’ which narrates the story of two lovers. It was in the year 2015 when he felt he would start his journey as a filmmaker and chose his hometown Lucknow for shooting. In future also, he has claimed that he would begin his other projects keeping in mind the Lucknow culture. Lucknow has a culture, ethos, moral values, and this social message he wants to propagate through his debut movie. In his own words, he states that through this upcoming movie he wanted to tell the young generation the feeling of two lovers when the heart breaks. The director Aanand Raut feels even family members need to retain moral values when handing a tender issue of love that erupts among their children. In this movie, Bollywood star Adhyayan Suman comes to a marriage function and falls in love with Karishma Kotak. The actress Karishma is a model-turned-actress, and even Adhyayan Suman has claimed that they wanted to play such characters on the screen. Aanand Raut has two more projects in his hand, and they are in the pipeline. But he has categorically said he would shoot in Lucknow for any films which will be announced later. In this movie, Mukesh Khanna and Hemant Pandey are also playing supporting characters. His next project was 'Hottie weds Naughty; which will be produced by Chandeshwar Prasad and Vikas Naik. For this movie, Raut has again occupied the director seat, and the film stars Sahil Kohli, Rakhee Sawant, Komal Jha, and Rajpal Yadav.


B N Ojha

B N Ojha is an Indian Director in the film industry. He is famous for his film Janta VS Janardhan whose storyline stole the heart of the audiences, and his direction gave it a powerful and strong meaning. Janta VS Janardhan is a Hindi movie with the tagline Bechara Aam Admi and focusses on the story an Aam Admi who is also called the mango people of the country. It has got the ensemble cast of Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Akhilendra Mishra, Vineet Kumar, Vrinda Parekh, and Govind Namdev. This movie got released in the year 2013. He directed the best actors to create this surreal film. The concept of the movie was unique with the portrayal of the general people as the ultimate loosers and the bureaucracy as the gainers. The two sides of the same coins are portrayed in the movie where one side enjoys all the privileges and pleasures of life, and the other pays the debt and lives a mediocre lifestyle. BN Ojha closely worked with the production house Dhananjay Films Private Limited to get the film released. The film had a base of social issues and political challenges in the country. It was hard to get sponsors to release it, but with dedication and several attempts, they made it possible. It is a political satire and highlights the situation of common people before and after the elections. Before the elections, the general people is the one ruling, and has got everything in hands, but after the elections the representatives become the Janardhan which meant god and forgot the public. The man received a lot of appreciation for his wonderful endeavor and inspired many to make more of such realistic movies. The direction of the film was superb with showcasing the acute reality of a small Kasbah where people trusts the government but very soon become aware of the misdeeds; the government is doing which is in no way beneficial for them. The public raised its voice and fought for their rights, but all in vain as the gainers are in no condition to lose what they acquire. But the movie highlights the famous quote by Abraham Lincoln where he states that ‘The government is of the people, by the people and for the people’ which is the moral of the whole story. The public goes against the government and puts a full stop to the atrocities performed by them.

B N Ojha Hindi Actor