Navdeep Singh Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Navdeep Singh was born in the year 1968. He is a film director and a script writer by profession. His most notable work is NH10, starring Anushka Sharma Born in an army family to Col. Ajay Kumar and Ashi >> Read More... Anushka Sharma . This film won many prizes. His birth place is Delhi. He was born to a Hindu family. His father was an honest army officer. He had a transferable job. So, Navdeep spent most of his childhood traveling to different cities and villages. He completed his graduation from Delhi. Initially, he decided to open an animation studio along with his friend. This studio was one of the first animation studios in India. In the Art Centre College of Design, he used to study film-making.

He graduated from college in the year 1997. The college was located in Pasadena. Soon after opening the studio he shifted to the United States where he stayed for eight straight years. Then he moved to London where he stayed for two years and finally returned to India in the year 2000. When he was staying in the United States, he used to work for Cognito and Uground, directing music videos and TV commercials. When he moved to London, he used to direct for Great Guns. Since 2001, after returning to Mumbai, he has directed several commercials and music videos, and most of them have won prestigious awards.

He made his debut in Bollywood with the crime thriller Manorama Six Feet Under. This film received lots of critical acclamations. After this movie, he was not active for seven long years. During these years he had left two projects. When people started thinking that Navdeep’s career had come to an end, he returned with a bang. In the year 2015, he came back with his movie NH10. This film starred India’s lead actress, Anushka Sharma. Anushka took the responsibility to produce the film with her own production house.

This film received lots of praises. Though, this film was a little harsh and rough to withstand as it involved murders, beatings, and patriarchy. It was supposed to be banned by the Central Board of Film Certification, but they were persuaded to release the film, and they set aside the required scenes and edited the movie. He is currently busy with a new film named Kaneda, which is about the life of a Punjabi gangster as he rises and falls in his life. The film is yet to be released, and we hope it will be a success.