Plot A couple to bring a little excitement in their relationship plans to take an escapade to celebrate Meera rsquo s birthday They stop at an eating plac

NH 10 Movie Review

NH 10 Movie Review Hindi
Movie story for the film "NH 10"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 13-03-2015
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime
3.5 / 5.0


A couple, to bring a little excitement in their relationship, plans to take an escapade to celebrate Meera’s birthday. They stop at an eating place on their way, where they indulge into saving a couple being abused. This is when things take a turn, and their lives are changed.


This movie, in a very intense and solemn tone, indulges into the theme of honor killing and brutal abuse of women in an ardent patriarchal village that is located within the depths of India. The thriller and suspense that the movie has was exceptionally wonderful and makes the movie a compelling experience. The fact that the producer and director thought of filming in real-time location has added more essence to the movie.

Star Performances:

Anushka Sharma has done a brilliant job. She is exceptionally well and makes her role intense. It really shows how hard she has worked and has proved her mettle in the field of acting. Given the fact that she has produced the movie too, she has not taken her role for granted at all. Neil acted well too. However small his role maybe, he was able to make an impact in our minds. Darshan was believable and also acted pretty nicely.

What you may like:

● The movie is very much believable and the experience of watching it is just brilliant.

● The movie is interesting and intense. It will always keep you engaged .What you may dislike:

● There is too much violence at times which can be disturbing for people weak at heart.


This movie reflects all the efforts that everyone has put into making this movie. This should be a must watch.