Birthday: 17-04-1959
Age: 60
Star sign: Taurus

Iranian-born Majid Majidi is a notable superstar who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the film industry. His Zodiac sign is Aries, and he has successfully masterminded the success of 15 movies and documentaries. This great film icon is aged 57 and has over four awards due to his unparalleled contributions to the entertainment industry. Majid Majidi is a widely known and esteemed film director. His vibrant role as a producer has made waves in the movie industry. This icon was born on 17 April 1959 in the city of Tehran. His parents were of an affordable social status which helped impact in him a good but not extravagant lifestyle. He spent the early years of his life in the metropolitan area of Tehran and had exposure to the movie industry.

This great city had the best theaters and institutions that could enhance acting skills in a prolific individual. This ideal environment enabled Majid Majidi to study at the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Tehran where his passion for the movie industry grew. He participated actively in some theater groups in Tehran. He began his career as a film actor in 1981 just after the revolution in Iran ended. His contributions have uplifted the movie industry to greater heights. He is happily married and has two lovely children. In 1985 he played an indispensable acting role in "Boycott''. Majidi's passion as a film actor and his accumulated experience provided the kickstart platform for the birth of the greatest Iranian film director of all times.

He was the mastermind behind the success of the 1997 film called "Children of Heaven". His outstanding skills as a movie director led to the nomination of "Children of Heaven" for the prestigious Academy Award. This award aimed at recognizing the best films acted in a foreign language. This movie received the best film award in 1999 during the 11th International Film Festival in Poland and many other awards of great valor. His first appearance as a movie director was in 1992 when he directed the film titled "Baduk", and presented it at Cannes Films Festival in the presence of distinguished movie directors. In February 1999,"Color of Paradise" a 90 minutes film in the Persian language was released and it made a great impact around the world.

The influence of "Color of Paradise" was incredible to the extent of being distributed by the renowned "Sony Pictures Classics". His exceptional skill as the director in the film "Baran" is worth noticing. "Baran" is a 94 minutes film released in 2001. Majid Majidi won some international awards like "2001 Grand Prix of the Americas Award" at the Montreal Film Festival. 2005 marked the release of the inspirational film titled "The Willow Tree. "Majid Majidi was both the producer and the director of "The Willow Tree" officially released on the 11th of August 2005. Majidi demonstrated his creativity and talent in 2008 through the film "The Song of Sparrows" whose expansive splendor enabled its selection as the opening movie for the prestigious Visakhapatnam International Film Festival in Andhra Pradesh.

He directed some documentaries such as "Nava ashore" in 2008, "Olympics in the Camp" in 2003 and "Reza Rezvan" in 2007. A striking aspect of Majid's films is the manner in which the films terminate. His films mesmerize the viewers and stimulate a contemplation on the flow of events in the life of a human being. The films sometimes contain scenes that move the viewer to tears. He has won many awards for his creativity in the film industry. These awards include "Oecumenical Special Award" at the 25th Montreal Film Festival(2001),"Grand Prix de Ameriques" and "Grand Prix for Americas Best Film"(1999).

Chirag Arora Hindi Actor

Chirag Arora

Chirag Arora is a short film producer and director. Basically, Chirag Arora was an ad filmmaker. But he is really a handsome, good looking and perhaps better looking than many heroes of B-town. Born in Delhi, he had a friendship with singer Akriti Kakkar for a long time. It is believed that Chirag proposed to her and finally, she too had accepted him in her mind and thoughts. This led both of them to tie the knot in 2016. Now, they are happily married and leading a blissful life. He has been a longtime boyfriend for the singer who has sung some memorable songs in Alia Bhatt's movies. Even Akriti Kakkar is good looking. Hope their match remains colorful throughout their life. It is said he was the writer and director of one short films 'Kharoch' (2011) and he was the producer of another short film 'Wake Up' (2012). The film stars web series actor Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar. The film Kharoch' had English subtitles and it spoke about the simple life happening in Mumbai city. The film was crafted by Cinerag Entertainments Pvt Ltd. The film showed some naked truth about our society. The red-light area of Mumbai and their culture where men flocks to establish body contact with call girls. But however, the film had a simple theme which was narrated in the backdrop of a young man. He was seen struggling with the chaos of Mumbai. One day, his simple dream of earning more money comes true. This short film had an extensive photography in the Mumbai train when the young man was seen struggling to earn money in the city.


Rupam Sarmah

Rupam Sarmah was born on 15th August in Jorhat, Assam, India. He started his career in the year 1992. He is an entrepreneur, music director, songwriter, singer, film maker, computer engineer and so on. He shifted his base to the US in the year 1992 and has been living there ever since. He has also won a Guinness World Record. He has been working in both the US and India. He has also directed various documentaries and feature films. He has also been directing and composing music. He has been associated with both national artists (Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Padmashree Sumitra Guha, Subhen Chatterjee, Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam, Poornima, Babul Supriyo, Kumar Sanu, Rupankar, Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta, Usha Uthup) and international artists (Kathy Sledge, Janis Ian, Dan Aykroyd, Julian Lennon, Sharon Katz, Laura Sullivan, John Wetton, Wouter Kellerman, Brian Vibberts Kevin Mackie, etc.) and has recorded, composed and directed songs with them. He has also founded various social enterprises like “Idea Incubation”, “One Little Finger Foundation”, etc. He is also the founder of ‘maZumba’, a production house (media) for the creation of collaborative content. He has also worked on international projects including the projects of “Perona Spastic Society”, “Manovikas”- which is a Welfare and Rehabilitation Center for the Children with special needs and requirements, “USFUCA” and the “Bhupen Hazarika Foundation” etc. He likes to do a lot of social work and is working on “Action Moves People United (AMPU)”, a world peace project in association with UNESCO, as a Board Member and a Producer. This project was initiated by Guy Djoken and Heather Carton, who are the President of UNESCO and Secretary General of World Genesis Foundation respectively. It was announced on July 17, 2015. As a filmmaker, director and producer, he has worked on short films and documentaries and has been associated with various award winning actors and artists like Abhinaya, Moloya Goswami, Jaya Seal, Tamela D’Amico, Asim Bose, Kushal Chakravarty, Pabitra Rabha, Debashree Roy, etc. As he is also a computer engineer, executive and media professional, he has worked with various international technology startups and top media companies at the position of senior management. He has designed various computer systems and related products. He has been working in the field of Artificial Intelligence from quite a long time. He is also a voting member of The Grammys as an engineer, musician and a producer. He currently lives in California with his family. On February 24, 2013, he made a Guinness World Record for his project named “A Musical Journey on World Peace” because it had more than 500 participants who played 315 different musical instruments for World Peace.

Rupam Sarmah Hindi Actor